Jo & Matt - a fairy tale wedding

Jo & Matt's wedding was without a doubt one of the sweetest and beautiful weddings we have covered.

The wedding dress was very impressive and Jo couldn't wait to wear it.

Everyone got ready in good time.  Jo and her dad, Steve, had a few moments together before their car arrived.

 The wedding took place at Delisles Methodist Church.
 When I arrived at the church the weather could only be described as very wet, very windy and very gloomy!  But the weather really doesn't matter for a wedding, as this event most definitely proved.

 There wasn't much room for Jo and her dad to walk up the aisle side by side!
 Sian Street conducted a very touching ceremony.

 The couple were genuinely delighted when they had a quick look at the dining room at The Peninsula Hotel.

 There was a Disney theme throughout.
 We had taken an engagement picture for Jo & Matt which was used for guests to sign at the reception. The lovely image, which showed the couple's closeness beautifully, was very well received.

 Speeches didn't follow a conventional pattern.  The bride's father gave his speech, then we had a video interview where the groom chatted with Peter, Jo's stepfather.

 This was certainly one of the most emotional speeches we have witnessed at a wedding, such a heartfelt occasion.

 What stunning wedding rings.
 The emotional moments continued with Jo & Matt's first dance.
 A surprise dance was suddenly sprung upon the onlookers, this rendition of Thriller was performed very slickly.  There must have been a lot of practice involved, but it was well worthwhile.

Hope you all enjoy this preview while I work on editing the rest of the pictures, my eyes are quite moist  working on this touching wedding.