Anna & Alex - Trinity Church and The Old Government House Hotel

The sun was just up and the shadows were long when Alex and his groomsmen began a round of golf.  It was an early start for me too, but well worth it to get some great pictures of this friendly group of guys.

 The weather was surprisingly warm, but with a stiff wind.  It was the wind that was blamed for a few wayward shots, but then maybe Alex had something else on his mind!

 After the golf I made my way to Anna's parents house, my wife Karen took over photographing the groomsmen.  They had another walk down into Town to The Britannia for a drink before the ceremony.

 I have to own up, my daughter Rosemary took took this very clever picture of Anna's beautiful dress.
Their preparations went well, but time was always going to be a bit short for me to get to the church.

 Seb and Zac were probably the most excited and best behaved page boys that I have come across.

  Alex grabbed a quick glance towards his approaching bride as she was escorted up the aisle by her father, Barry.

 Rev. John Honour conducted a wonderful ceremony, with some very humorous touches!
As the couple exited the church, we were treated to a piper.  This added to the atmosphere as everyone gathered outside the church.
 Then we all made our way to Candie Gardens for a drinks reception.  This was a lovely location for everyone to gather in the warm autumn weather.

 Candie Gardens looked stunning with a good deal of flowers and colour even at this time of the year, the gardeners need to be congratulated for their work.

 There was plenty of time for people to chat and mingle with a glass of champagne, this wedding really was very relaxed and had an air of informality.  After walking down to the Old Government House Hotel, people went straight to their seats in the splendidly decorated dining room.  Speeches were before the meal.

 The bouquet toss made for an amusing sequence of pictures.  Sorry, no room on this blog to see them all!

 After the first dance, Stoked provided the music for the night.  They are always an energetic band that enthuse people to fill the dance floor.

 I enjoy pictures like this that set the scene.
 This was a long day, but rewarding to cover for such a great group of people.