Marlo & Phil - St. Peter's Church & La Réunion

Another amazing wedding, September has been a busy month.

Marlo & Phil’s wedding brought people together from all over the world, with a strong Australian connection.

Marlo_Phil 001.jpg
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Marlo_Phil 003.jpg
Marlo_Phil 004.jpg

It was a bit of a tight squeeze for Phil and his groomsmen all geting ready in their room.

Marlo_Phil 005.jpg
Marlo_Phil 006.jpg

The wedding was at St. Peter’s Church, where Rev. Adrian Datta conducted a touching and humorous ceremony.

Marlo_Phil 007.jpg
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Marlo_Phil 010.jpg
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After the ceremony we took a trip around the coast to La Réunion, taking advantage of some lovely clouds for some dramatic pictures.

Marlo_Phil 015.jpg
Marlo_Phil 016.jpg
Marlo_Phil 017.jpg
Marlo_Phil 018.jpg

After several days of richly coloured sunsets Marlo & Phil were faced with a cloudy evening, though this cloud had given us those dramatic skies earlier in the day. However with perfect timing a slight gap in the cloud treated us to a sunning sunset, we had to move quick, but the beach was just across the road. Well worth the effort.

Marlo_Phil 021.jpg

There were lots of opportunities for people to mingle and talk before a set of very amusing speeches.

The dancing was great, with people filling the floor until late. A very special day indeed.

Lauren & Emilie - The Greffe and Cobo Bay Hotel

Lauren and Emilie’s wedding was one of the most moving we have covered. The legalities were taken care of in a small event at the Greffe in the morning, with a full ceremony at the Cobo Bay Hotel with all their family members and friends later that afternoon.

Lauren Emily 001.jpg
Lauren Emily 002.jpg

There wasn’t much spare space in their hotel room as the brides got ready, there was a steady stream of people popping by.

Lauren Emily 003.jpg
Lauren Emily 004.jpg
Lauren Emily 005.jpg

Emilie’s brothers proved very useful, Stefan helped with the shoes while Oliver conducted the beautiful and touching ceremony.

Lauren Emily 006.jpg
Lauren Emily 007.jpg
Lauren Emily 008.jpg
Lauren Emily 009.jpg
Lauren Emily 010.jpg

After the ceremony, everyone gathered outside on a bright sunny afternoon. Once we completed a few family group pictures, we popped across the road to the beach for some photographs.

Lauren and Emilie looked quite stunning.

Lauren Emily 012.jpg
Lauren Emily 013.jpg
Lauren Emily 015.jpg
Lauren Emily 016.jpg
Lauren Emily 017.jpg

Being on the west coast, we were perfectly placed to take advantage of the sunset.

Lauren Emily 018.jpg

Straight after it was time for the first dance and the evening entertainment. Another of the day’s beautiful moments.

Lauren Emily 019.jpg
Lauren Emily 020.jpg
Lauren Emily 021.jpg

Congratulations Lauren and Emilie, a truly delightful day.

Lauren Emily 022.jpg

Anna & Benji - The Farmhouse Hotel, Guernsey

Another beautifully photogenic wedding - Anna & Ben had both their ceremony and reception at The Farmhouse Hotel.

With eight bridesmaids, the morning was always going to be a busy affair!

Anna Ben 0001.jpg

While everyone did their make up, the various cats took it all in their stride…

Anna Ben 0002.jpg

Anna’s dress was stunning and drew gasps when she was first seen.

Anna Ben 0003.jpg
Anna Ben 0004.jpg

Ben and his groomsmen went early to The Farmhouse, to check on the set-up for the outdoor ceremony.

Anna Ben 0005.jpg

Michelle, from White Dove, conducted the ceremony, it was a beautiful occasion. Some lovely flowers, from Debbie of Silken Garden.

Candie Gardens is a special place for Anna & Ben, so after the family group pictures, we made our way there for a few photographs.

Anna Ben 0012.jpg

The following image is part of a panoramic that should work spectacularly as a double page spread in the album.

Anna Ben 0013.jpg

Back at the beautifully decorated Farmhouse, we were entertained by some great speeches.

Anna Ben 0017.jpg
Anna Ben 0018A.jpg

An undoubted highlight of the day was the singing by a couple of Anna’s sisters. A very talented family.

Anna Ben 0019A.jpg
Anna Ben 0020.jpg

We took the opportunity of some nice light to take a few pictures outside before the first dance and the evening activities got underway.

Anna Ben 0021.jpg
Anna Ben 0022.jpg
Anna Ben 0023.jpg

Jason of Q-Sky did his normal great job of keeping the dance floor heaving, together with excellent lighting. The German guests, in particular, appreciated a bit of Rammstein! The dancing was pretty wild, here are some of the tamer moments!

Anna Ben 0024.jpg
Anna Ben 0025.jpg
Anna Ben 0026.jpg
Anna Ben 0027.jpg

Ashleigh & Jac - St. Saviours Church and a tipi at Pleinmont, Guernsey

Ashleigh & Jac had a wonderfully relaxed day for their wedding.

An early start saw the groomsmen enjoy a dip down at the Bathing Pools, a refreshing way to begin the day.


Back at Ashleigh’s parents’ house, the bride and bridesmaids arrived a little overdue from the hairdressers. But within half an hour they were ready to leave for the church!

Fresh from their swim, the guys were soon ready and taken to the church by Andy with his TourGuernsey landrover.

Rev’d. Tracy Charmley conducted a beautiful ceremony, there was lots of laughter and lovely moments.

After the ceremony, we stopped by the reservoir for some pictures before going to the reception site at Pleinmont, where the tipi (from Bonita Events) was sited with beautiful views over the west coast. There was plenty of entertainment and games laid out for the guests.

Speeches were great entertainment, lots of hilarious moments.


After the first dance we were treated to some great music and singing from Youthe, a very talented band.
The dance floor was packed throughout the rest of the night, with the inside of the tipi providing an atmospheric backdrop.

To finish off, my last pictures of the night were of the site with the stars of the milky way visible. A stunning and appropriate way to showcase the beauty of the location and fitting for such a wonderful wedding.


Elise & David - St. Peter's Church and A Hidden Marquee

Elise and David picked a beautiful day for their wedding, in fact it was almost too hot and we were thankful for the shaded site where their marquee was.

Elise got ready at her parents’ characterful farmhouse, it was a busy place!

Blog004 new A.jpg

Meanwhile David and his groomsmen got ready at the Imperial Hotel, their preparations even involved a bit of hair care for David!

The ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Church, a close and convenient location for everyone. Rev. Adrian Datta conducted the ceremony with great humour.


Alice didn’t stay still for long, she was always on the move and determined to go where she wanted to…


One of my favourite pctures from the day, a little moment after the signing of the register.


We went straight to the reception after the church, a change to more practical footwear was a good idea.

Blog018 new.jpg

The marquee was so well hidden in the valley, you didn’t know it was there until you were right upon it. There had been a massive effort to prepare the site as well as decorate the interior and surroundings.

People had plenty of time to mingle and interact before the call in for speeches.

Speeches were very entertaining.

As night approached, Elise and David showed off their dancing skills.


The site was beautifully atmospheric as night fell, David’s dad ensured the fire was kept well stoked up.


A great day in a quite unique venue, I am sure everyone thought all the hard work beforehand was well worhtwhile.


Amy & Ryan - Duke of Richmond Hotel

There was a sense of fun and informality for Amy & Ryan’s wedding. They did pop to the Greffe in the morning to get the legalities completed, but after that the rest of the day was based at the Duke of Richmond Hotel. This made things quite convenient for us to cover the preparations for both Amy and Ryan, the ceremony room and also the dining room before the guests started arriving.

Amy’s dress was stunning, one of the few short wedding dresses we have seen, it also had pockets! Only the second dress I can remember with pockets, both this year, the start of a trend?

Ryan and his groomsmen were thankful for Ryan’s dad, he expertly tied the cravats and adjusted the button holes perfectly.

Amy and Ryan005.jpg

The ceremony room was set up beautifully. Amy’s brother Ben, conducted the ceremony. He was so polished and professional it appeared he was an experienced hand at the task!

Amy and Ryan006.jpg

After the ceremony, everyone moved upstairs to the Leopard Bar. Amy and Ryan had an impromptu spin as they waited for people to follow up the stairs.

Amy and Ryan011.jpg
Amy and Ryan012.jpg

Before the call in for food we took some family pictures at Cambridge Park, the fine weather and autumnal conditions made for a lovely setting for the groups and also for a few pictures of Amy & Ryan.

Back in the hotel the dining room was waiting.

One of my favourite pictures of the day, as Hilario flung open the doors of the dining room to the newly announced couple. A photograph like this is a good example of whatever camera you have, autofocus and autoexposure just won’t get the job right, you have to take control yourself!

Amy and Ryan018.jpg

Speeches came first, an unconventional order with Amy’s mum starting, plus a speech from Amy’s bridesmaid Laura. Ryan’s brother, Adam, then was in a mischievious mood for his hilarious speech! Not only did he make fun of his brother, he didn’t spare the bride either!

What a beautiful cake!

An eagerly anticipated first dance saw Amy & Ryan dance to music from Stoked.

Stoked may be taking a break, they have been one of my favourite bands at weddings and always fill the floor with their enthusiastic playing. Best of luck guys with whatever you do in the future.

A final picture to finish off this blog, we took the opportunity to take some pictures outside at night. This one shows off Amy’s dress and shoes to great effect!

Amy and Ryan028.jpg

Alexa & Neal - Vale Church and Les Douvres Hotel

Alexa and Neal had an exceptionally busy wedding day. With nine bridesmaids, five flower girls and four page boys, all getting ready for a midday ceremony, I was concerned that everyone wouldn’t be ready in time.

But there were no worries. The bride and her bridesmaids and flower girls all got ready at Les Douvres Hotel where the reception was to be held later. There was a lot of activity in the crowded room, but suddenly it all came together and Alexa arrived at the church a couple of minutes early!

The groomsmen had a slightly easier time getting ready!

The children were very excited and beautifully behaved throughout the day.

Neal waited in the church with no obvious nerves.

Rev. Stuart Tanswell conducted the ceremony, with much humour.

While we photographed the family group pictures in the church doorway, the youngsters were engaged in more adventurous activity…

Alexa Neal-018.jpg

It seemed a long way from the Vale Church to Petit Bot for some pictures, but then we were close to Les Douvres for the reception.

The dining room was beautifully decorated. With lovely weather, people could mingle outside before being called in for speeches and the meal. With so many children to take care of, they had their own child minders and a “Kids Zone” outside, what a great idea that worked out brilliantly!

Speeches were great and the best man gave Neal a couple of awkward moments!

Last of the Light Brigade we have seen a lot of recently at weddings, another fantastic show from these guys. They certainly encouraged the dance floor to be pretty frantic for the rest of the night.

We took some lovely pictures outside in the gardens while the band took a short break.

Alexa Neal-032.jpg

Then more dancing followed up until it was time for the music to stop. What a lovely day!

Alexa Neal-033.jpg

Vanessa & Richard - Vale Church and The Farmhouse Hotel

A lot of planning had gone into this wedding and I am sure it was all Vanessa and Richard had hoped for.

With six bridesmaids and 3 flowergirls there was a lot going on at Vanessa’s parents’ house!

The groomsmen generally have an easier time with their preparations…

Little Evelyn, Vanessa and Richard’s daughter, had a couple of slightly older flowergirls for company. They all were so well behaved.

Rev. Stuart Tanswell conducted the lovely ceremony. One of the most touching moments was when he added Evelyn’s hand to Vanessa & Richard’s hands which he wrapped up in his stole, a spur of the moment action that seemed just so appropriate.

On the way to the reception we stopped at Bruce Russell’s gardens for some pictures, then it was just round the corner to The Farmhouse for the rest of the celebrations.

Speeches were before the meal, they included touching moments and also moments of humour.

Last of the Light Brigade performed their normal excellent routine, their energy certainly transfers to the wedding guests.

There was a break at 10 pm for a spectacular fireworks display!

Vanessa and Richard027a.jpg
Vanessa and Richard029.jpg

Have a fabulous time on honeymoon!

Vanessa and Richard030.jpg

Lauren & James - The Bella Luce Hotel, Guernsey

Lauren & James had such a relaxed and friendly wedding.  The ceremony and reception were all held at the Bella Luce Hotel, on a gloriously sunny September afternoon.

Lauren's bridesmaids were probably the most enthusiastic bridesmaids I had come across, full of laughter all day long!

Lauren and James001.jpg

There was plenty of emotion when John saw his daughter fully ready, a beautifully touching moment.

Lauren and James002.jpg

Wow!  A wedding dress with pockets!!  Stunning to look at, and practical too!

Lauren and James003.jpg

James and his groomsmen got ready at The Bella Luce, just a walk downstairs and they were ready for the ceremony!

Michelle from White Dove conducted the sweet ceremony.  The string quartet added to the atmosphere with their lovely music.

After the ceremony the confetti aisle was great fun.  


After the family group shots we took a quick trip to Sausmarez Park for some pictures of the couple.  Lauren had grown up just across the road from the park so this was an appropriate place to visit.  While at the park Lauren & James had a little practice for their first dance!

Back at the Bella Luce the beautifully decorated marquee awaited the guests.

We were treated to some great speeches, Lauren's dad followed by both Lauren & James together!  

Then after the meal it was the turn of the bridesmaids and lastly the groomsmen!  The latter certainly had a hard act to follow after the bridemaids.

A very intricately decorated cake...

Lauren and James028.jpg

After the first dance everyone else joined in and the dance floor was packed.

Shakeout normally play in Surrey and this was their first visit to Guernsey.  They were very well received.  

Lauren and James032a.jpg

We took some beautiful photographs in the evening, I was especially pleased with this example incorporating the lights and bunting in the garden.

Lauren and James033.jpg

Hope you are having a wonderful time away.

Lauren and James034.jpg

Holly & Tom - St. Matthew's Church & La Grande Mare Hotel

Holly & Tom were always going to have a very vibrant wedding day, lots of friends and family determined to enjoy themselves.  This was actually our fourth wedding for the family!  It was great to see them all together again with their lovely children.

Holly got ready at La Grande Mare Hotel, where the reception was to be held later.

Probably one of the most emotional times at this wedding was when Holly's dad saw her in her dress before going to the church, a beautiful thing to witness.

Holly Tom004.jpg

Tom got ready at his parents' house before making his way to the church.

We seem to have been to St. Matthew's Church a lot for weddings this year, a popular place.  Rev. Marc Trickey conducted the ceremony.

After the lovely ceremony we popped by Le Guet for pictures, all very conveniently close by between the church and reception at La Grande Mare.

The hotel was beautifully decorated for the couple.

Holly Tom020.jpg

Speeches preceded the meal, and were both amusing and touching.

What amazing rings, I had never seen a thumprint etched into a ring before, very personal.

After the first dance the dance floor was packed with people. Everyone had such a good time, it was great to photograph so many people with this much energy!

We'll finish this post off with a stunning image that took advantage of the gorgeous full moon...

Holly Tom034.jpg

Sarah & James - St. Matthew's Church & Fleur du Jardin Hotel

Sarah & James had a remarkable wedding day.  It was the second wedding in little over a month for Sarah's family, her brother Jason had got married the month before!  A busy time for them.

We'll start with some pictures of the groom for a change here, James and his groomsmen enjoyed a good breakfast and then some golf practice at Nineteen, at St. Pierre Park's Golf Club.  A relaxing start to the day, though some were quite accomplished on the range, others less successful!

Back at James' house they continued their preparations.


A quick bit of wardrobe adjustment  - so glad they took the belt off before drilling another hole!


At Sarah's parents' things were even busier, but everyone managed to get ready on time.

These two took a close interest, though really I suspect they were waiting for a tasty treat from Gran!


At St. Matthew's Church, James awaited with a mixture of excitment and emotion.  

The Dean of Guernsey, The Very Rev. Tim Barker, took the ceremony.


After the wonderful ceremony the newly weds ran through a deluge of confetti, before being taken away in a beautiful Riley, thank you to Malcolm for his car, it provided a classic touch.

The Fleur du Jardin is a popular place, it was a perfect venue for this wedding.  The marquee was discreetly placed by the side of the pool and very effectively decorated.

Great speeches preceded the meal, which was a very well received hog roast.


I waited a long time to capture this precise moment....!


James' father, Robert, was the master of ceremony, there really cannot be anyone better for this role!

I was pleased to see Stoked were the band for the night, another high energy performance from them!

Sarah & James, congratulations and I hope you are having a wonderful time on honeymoon.


Michelle & Saint - St. Peter's Church & Perelle Headland

What a spectacular day this was!  The perfect weather for the marquee reception on Perelle Headland.

With seven bridesmaids and two flower girls there was a lot going on in the morning!

Meanwhile the groomsmen had an outdoor breakfast at Les Fleur du Jardin Hotel before they made their way to the church.  

Rev. Adrian Datta greeted the bride and conducted his normal lovely ceremony.

Michelle & Saint wedding 010.jpg

After a very enthusiastic shower of confetti Saint and Michelle drove themselves in the Landrover to the reception.

Michelle & Saint wedding 016.jpg

The hot air balloon tethered on the headland drew a lot of attention!  Certainly a unique feature at any wedding we have photographed!  Michelle was thrilled with this surprise that Saint had organised...

The detailing at the reception was a labour of love, Joy's had spent days preparing the site in the heatwave we have been experiencing.  It was all well worth the effort.

Alessia not only played her violin so beautifully in the church, she also made the wedding cake with her mum!  The cake was cut and served in the afternoon before the meal in the marquee.

Michelle & Saint wedding 023.jpg

Helen Elliott got plenty of attention for her distinctive style of paintings, she had provided a painting of the church for the order of service, the reception location was also beautifully interpreted.

Michelle & Saint wedding 024.jpg

As soon as people settled in the marquee they were treated to some entertaining speeches.

The evening light was exquiste, even after their meal people tackled the sack racing with a very competitive spirit!

Everyone enjoyed watching the sunset...

A lot of effort had gone into setting up the dance area.

Michelle & Saint wedding 035.jpg

A crowded dance floor made it tricky to photograph!

What a brilliant day!

Michelle & Saint wedding 038.jpg

Jamie & Dave - St. Matthew's Church & The Bella Luce Hotel

We got to know this wonderful couple last year when we designed them a stunning engagement book full of photos from sessions we did over the autumn, winter and spring. Needless to say we were excited about getting to photograph their wedding as well.

The morning was busy with Jamie getting ready with her six bridesmaids, four flower girls and mum.

Nathan Thomas did Jamie's hair, it was great to watch his enthusiasm and attention to detail as he worked.

Naturally, Jamie looked amazing.

Dave got ready at The Bella Luce, where the reception was to be held later.  They had time for a quick drink before making their way to St. Matthew's.

Rev. Jon Honour conducted a lovely ceremony.  He has a great sense of humour, his sermon with the rolls of toilet paper made everyone laugh yet it also had some serious points.

It was a rather breezy day, so a picture stop at Saumarez Park made for a more sensible option than the cliffs!

The marquee looked beautiful with a subtle pink theme. 

Speeches stuck to tradition this time and were held after the meal.

The bouquet toss is always enjoyed by everyone, but no one was as excited as this young flower girl who managed to grab the bouquet first! 

The rings and cake were both equally stunning, with the Cake Lady doing a great job.

Stoked played in the first dance, what a brillant band.  They played with such energy and intensity that the dance floor was heaving for the rest of the night!

A lovely scene at night with people enjoying the summer warmth at the Bella Luce.

Jamie David036.jpg

Have a wonderful time away Jamie & David.






Ally & Josh - St. Pierre du Bois Church & Les Effards

This popular couple enjoyed a spectacular wedding day.  Virtually all the guests traveled over to Guernsey for the wedding, some coming from as far away as South America. 

Ally got ready at her parents' home with her five bridesmaids.  Her dress was perfectly fitted.

Josh got ready at Les Fleur du Jardin Hotel, they had time for a quick drink before heading to St. Peter's Church.  Rev. Adrian Datta greeted them at the church, Adrian has given the church a vibrant and friendly approach since he took over there.

The ceremony was touching with moments of humour.

A lovely view inside the church.

We took a couple of group pictures in the doorway before the couple were showered with masses of confetti by their enthusiastic guests!

Light winds and attractive clouds were perfect for a few pictures on the cliffs before we joined everyone at the reception.

Ally Josh blog020.jpg

A brief candid moment and lovely backlighting gave the chance for this picture, Josh becoming a temporary bridesmaid as he helped Ally as they arrived at the reception!

Ally Josh blog021.jpg

The glorious weather continued, well gardeners and farmers would like a change to the weather, but the guests enjoyed their drinks in the sun in the beautifully tended gardens.

A beautiful marquee, inside and out...

Speeches were distributed between courses, the best man in particular was great entertainment.

Music was provided by the Sensation Band, they certainly lived up to their name!  After the first dance the floor was packed continously.  It was certainly frantic at times, but everyone was just having great fun.

Fireworks gave people a break from the dancing, what a stunning scene...

Ally Josh blog037.jpg

The band restarted and so did the dancing right until the coaches arrived, what an amazing night!

Alice & Jason - St. Matthew's Church & The Bella Luce Hotel

Another beautiful day and another beautiful wedding.

Alice and her bridesmaids were not rushed and enjoyed getting ready together at Alice's parents' home.

Jason and his groomsmen got ready at his parents' house too, before they made their way to the church under perfect blue skies.

Noel, Alice's dad, drove her to the church himself.  Linda Le Vasseur conducted an enjoyable ceremony.

I don't think I have seen such a torrent of confetti before, it was heads down, eyes closed and run for it!


Jason drove his new father-in-law's car away, he did joke during his speech that he would have married Alice sooner so he could have driven the Aston earlier!

After a stop for pictures on the cliffs, where the sea was as calm as it could be, we proceeded to the Bella Luce for the reception.  

Speeches were before the meal and everyone was thoroughly entertained.

The car was so polished, the rings barely stayed in position for this shot!


One of the most thrilled people to catch the bouquet that I have seen!  You have my card!


City Limits were their normal superb standard, always great to listen to.


We also took the opportunity to take a few more creative images in the evening, always exciting to see what we can come up with.


The evening finished off with some frantic dancing on a crowded floor, what a great day.





Kelly & Michael - The Bella Luce Hotel

The gorgeous weather continued for Kelly & Michael's wedding.  The marquee at The Bella Luce looked stunning, both from the outside and inside.


Kelly got ready at the hotel and the ceremony was to be held in the garden, so not far to go and no excuses to be late!


Michael and his groomsmen looked very relaxed and cool.


Jayne of White Dove conducted the touching ceremony.