Joni & Robin's wedding - Capelles Methodist Church & Les Cotils

What a great day Joni & Robin had on their wedding day.  Joni's dress was spectacular, and hung in an unusual place in the bedroom.


Karen, my wife and assistant, photographed Robin and his groomsmen getting ready.  Bradley's shirt sleeves seemed a little long!


The wedding ceremony was held at Capelles Methodist Church, it has a suprisingly large interior.  Rev. Hinchliffe conducted a lovely ceremony, he had been challenged to work in a mention of tenpin bowling, he didn't disappoint and his address was very humourous.


Gran's walking stick was suitiably decorated with a wedding ribbon!


Les Cotils looked lovely outside in the gorgeous weather, the Harry Bound Room also looked great inside too.


With such lovely grounds at Les Cotils there was no need to go anywhere else for pictures.


Was the bouncy castle really there just for the children?!


There wasn't much left of the bouquet by the time it had been thrown and caught...


There was plenty of time for guests to relax and chat after the meal, the evening was warm and still, perfect for sitting outside.


City Limits provided their normal polished show for the evening, they keep the dance floor busy all night.


Robin's dance with his mum provided a few emotional moments...


We put the Chelsea Flower Show medal winning garden donated to Les Cotils to good use in the evening for some pictures.


Danielle & Matthew - St. Matthew's Church & The Farmhouse

What a full day Danielle & Matt had for their wedding.   They were certainly rewarded with a thoroughly enjoyable wedding.

Despite an early start, everyone was ready in good time.


The back of Danielle's dress was especially stunning, needless to say it suited her perfectly.


It was surprisingly chilly outside the church, with misty conditions and a brisk breeze.

 Adele and Anai, the flower girls, were really sweet, and so well behaved all day long.

Adele and Anai, the flower girls, were really sweet, and so well behaved all day long.


It was lovely to see Rev. John Luff in Guernsey specially to conduct this ceremony.  He has a long standing connection with the bride's family, I also knew him back in his farming days.

 It was a bit breezy to stop on the coast for pictures, so we went to Saumarez Park instead, where it was nice and sheltered.

It was a bit breezy to stop on the coast for pictures, so we went to Saumarez Park instead, where it was nice and sheltered.

 There was plenty of time for people to enjoy their champagne and have a laugh before the call in for the meal.

There was plenty of time for people to enjoy their champagne and have a laugh before the call in for the meal.

 Chris, the Master of Ceremonies, was excellent in this role and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

Chris, the Master of Ceremonies, was excellent in this role and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

 Danielle's dad was celebrating his birthday on his daughter's wedding day!  He made a grand entrance himself after the couple.

Danielle's dad was celebrating his birthday on his daughter's wedding day!  He made a grand entrance himself after the couple.

 Danielle's speech was a tough act for everyone else to follow, there was much amusement when she revealed her Auntie's advice at the end of her speech!

Danielle's speech was a tough act for everyone else to follow, there was much amusement when she revealed her Auntie's advice at the end of her speech!


As the afternoon progressed, the cloud cleared and it became noticeably warmer.  We had some atmospheric light for some beautiful pictures.

 What stunning wedding rings, all designed and made by Emma, Danielle's sister.  A very personal touch.

What stunning wedding rings, all designed and made by Emma, Danielle's sister.  A very personal touch.

 This wedding had everything weather wise, the promised thundery showers kept away until it got dark though.   We had a lovely sunset, then some thunder and lightning.

This wedding had everything weather wise, the promised thundery showers kept away until it got dark though.   We had a lovely sunset, then some thunder and lightning.

 We took this shot of some lightning, we waited a fair time for some more dramatic lightning, but even though it was all high in the clouds, it still gave us a dramatic image.  Of course I got soaked as I packed up after this image, worth it though!

We took this shot of some lightning, we waited a fair time for some more dramatic lightning, but even though it was all high in the clouds, it still gave us a dramatic image.  Of course I got soaked as I packed up after this image, worth it though!

 City Limits performed to their usual high standards, everyone kept the dance floor very active.  One of the highlights of the wedding was the bride's dance with her father.  It was high energy with Alan doing virtually everything except spinning on his head!

City Limits performed to their usual high standards, everyone kept the dance floor very active.  One of the highlights of the wedding was the bride's dance with her father.  It was high energy with Alan doing virtually everything except spinning on his head!

 A quite remarkable day.

A quite remarkable day.


Amanda & Carl - St. Matthew's Church & La Réunion

Amanda and Carl had a gorgeous, intimate wedding.

We started our coverage at the church where Carl had a good laugh as the guests arrived.  No evidence of any nerves here.


Le Mont Saint Garage had lent a very appropriate Fiat 500 for Amanda to be driven to the church by her father.


Rev. Karen Dack conducted a lovely ceremony.


We stopped just round the corner for a few pictures at Albecq.  Then went on to La Réunion for the reception.  This was the perfect place for a wedding of this size and the dining room in particular looked inviting.


The balcony was just right for a group shot of the entire wedding.


There were some lovely details, plus a very creative driftwood table plan.


People had a good opportunity for a chat before being called in for the best man's speech.  Jean-Pierre certainly had some amusing stories to tell about Carl!


Sunset from Guernsey's west coast can be spectacular, Cobo Bay was the perfect setting as the sun slowly set over the Grosse Rocque with us watching from La Réunion.


Amanda & Carl surprised us with an impromptu dance!


This looks serious, but was quite light hearted...


The evening finished off with some informal speeches.  What a really lovely day this was.


Caroline & Ben - St. Joseph's & The Farmhouse

Caroline & Ben used to work in Guernsey and thought our lovely island was well worth flying all the way from Australia to have their wedding here.  The majority of guests also travelled to the island, with a particularly strong contingent from Scotland.

 Caroline got ready with her bridesmaids and flower girls at an Aunt's house, it was quite a busy scene, but all were relaxed and importantly all on time.

 The two flower girls were absolutely delightful all day, in fact they probably take the award for the best behaved flower girls in all the weddings we have covered!

 Caroline's dress was beautiful, with some lovely details.

 Once the bridesmaids got into the right shoes, it was time to get to the church!

 Before the ceremony Canon Michael had a quiet moment with Ben at the doorway.  Ben seemed quite calm.

 The nearby roadworks and diversions caused a little confusion, the bride arrived just before the bridesmaids!

 So sweet and they did everything just perfectly.

 St. Joseph's is always a beautiful church to get married in.  Canon Michael conducted a very touching ceremony.

 Rain had been forecast during the day, but we seemed to avoid any rain throughout the whole day despite it looking likely at times.

 Petit Bot made a great place for some pictures on the way to the reception.

 Ben used to work at The Farmhouse, it says a lot that they came all the way from Australia to have their reception there.  The dining room was decorated to great effect.

 Caroline and her father gave the speeches, all very heartfelt.

During the evening the sun popped out from the clouds for just a brief moment, we took advantage of that opportunity to get some atmospheric images.

 The atmosphere was very friendly with all the guests interacting and enjoying themselves.

 After the first dance Caroline and her father had a dance together, this went down well with those watching.

 Yes, the flower girls were still going strong late into the night, still as excited and well behaved as before.

 There was plenty of activity on the dance floor.  After a while it was announced that there was going to be a Sound of Music sing along!  Apparently Caroline is an avid fan of the film.  Another nice moment from the day.

 The day closed off with a lovely last dance.

What a wonderful day, have a safe trip back home to Australia Caroline & Ben.

Emily & Anthony - A Christmas Wedding Story

Winter weddings are wonderful, I find the ambience and lighting are often highly photogenic.  Emily & Anthony got married at the Greffe on Friday and then had a full day of ceremony and reception the following day, this was the day before Christmas Eve.  So anyone at the wedding had better have completed their Christmas shopping before, otherwise they will have missed their chance.

Emily's dress was so beautiful, I was especially pleased with the elements that came together to give me this picture of the dress.

 While I covered the bride's side of the preparations, my wife Karen, photographed Anthony and his groomsmen.

 The ceremony was taken by Jane White at St. James, the Whittaker Hall is always special, but made a bit more so by the addition of the Christmas decorations.
 The weather was a bit dull and grey, with some drizzle.  But fortunately everyone who travelled to Guernsey for the wedding had managed to arrive in time, despite all the fog delays over the last few days.

 A confetti aisle indoors is not a common event, also pretty difficult to photograph in a dark interior!

 Dull weather and a mid winter garden doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities to take lovely photographs. as we proved on a quick stop at Candie Gardens.

 Another great choice of venue for the reception, The Old Government House Hotel.  The dining room was decorated to stunning effect.

 A humorous juxtaposition as Anthony appears framed by the picture on the wall!
 There was plenty of time for people to have a drink and a good laugh before the call for dinner and speeches.

 As soon as I saw the beautiful decorations in the doorway of the OGH, I wanted to take something of the couple there. This is one of my favourite recent shots and sums up the atmosphere I wanted to create perfectly.

 Dancing continued to midnight and culminated in a lovely moment as the families formed a tight circle during the last song.  What a way to finish off such a special day.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Stephanie & Samuel - Day Two

On a damp afternoon the Bella Luce Hotel was a welcoming venue for the second day of Steph & Sam's wedding celebrations.

A cosy interior and good music greeted those gathering together.  The theme was Disney fancy dress!  Some people who were there the day before were barely recognisable, there had clearly been a huge effort amongst the guests to get dressed for the occasion.

 Sam's family have a keen interest in photography, in fact some of his relatives were involved in setting up the very first photography clubs in Guernsey.
 I thought Eeyore was meant to be miserable!  Mind you his tail wasn't fixed with a nail so that could explain things.

 A second day and a second spectacular cake, any excuse for more cake is a good one in my opinion. No-one could tell it had had a little mishap on it's journey to the hotel!  No problem for this bride.

 Chris, the best man, performed his speech for the second evening.
 Then it was time for the party to really get going, Q-Sky performed a fantastic job as DJs and with the lighting.

 Some costumes must have been pretty hot to dance the night away in...

 Beauty & The Beast, aka Steph & Sam, didn't take to the dance floor for any formal first dance.  So at the end of the evening I was pleased to spot them having a quiet dance while the party was in full swing next door.  A nice way to finish off the coverage.

Stephanie & Samuel - Day One

Steph and Sam had a two day wedding.  The first day was a quiet event, with the legalities taken care of in the Dorey Room at St. James, followed by a meal at the Bella Luce Hotel.
 The relaxed nature of the event was evident right from the start.
 Steph walked down the road, swapped shoes at the gate and went straight into the ceremony.

 Luckily someone had a baby wipe handy when the pen left ink on Steph's hands!

 On the way to the Bella, we took a few pictures at Saint's Harbour.  Nice to have such gorgeous scenery nearby, especially for Steph's friends who had travelled all the way from Boston for the wedding.

 A lovely touch was the personalised lego figure made up for each person at the table.

 Just what were they talking about...

 Speeches took place between courses.

 A great day, with more excitement to come the next day!

EJ & Andy

This was a really lovely event, over a couple of days.

EJ & Andy got married at home with just a few friends and family with them.  It was a fun afternoon,  perfect to lounge around in lovely warm and sunny weather.

My daughter Rosemary assisted this day, then covered the main reception at Castle Cornet the following day without me.

It was great to see the retired Greffier Stephen Francis called in to conduct this ceremony.

 Later on people made their way to The Captain's for an evening meal.  A perfect location for those present to enjoy themselves.

For the coverage at Castle Cornet, please see Rosemary's website:-

I was unable to be present as I was photographing another wedding, which for privacy reasons won't be featured on my blog.

Melissa & Ross - a wedding at Castle Cornet

Today I am writing this on a particularly wet day, pretty similar conditions to those a few days before for Melissa and Ross' wedding.

What turned out to be one of the wettest and greyest days of our summer (so far!) still couldn't dampen their spirits.  This was such a colourful and characterful wedding that it more than made up for the dreary weather.

Melissa's dress and shoes were beautifully unique, with every small detail fitting in with the rainbow theme of the wedding. She had even made all the bridesmaids the necklaces and pendants.
 With a total of 9 bridesmaids, Aunty's house was full of activity, unfortunately we couldn't make use of the garden and views for any pictures as the rain had arrived exactly as forecast.

 The groomsmen had arrived at the Castle and awaited for the guests and bride to brave the rain too.

 By the time the bus arrived with Melissa the rain was torrential!  Tricky conditions for photography, but still atmospheric.

 They had planned an outdoor ceremony at Castle Cornet, but Plan B had been put into action.  A wet day like this gives everyone involved a lot of extra work, but all worthwhile to give Melissa & Ross as good an experience as possible.  The Hatton Gallery looked beautiful.

 Dad and step-dad escorted Melissa up the aisle.

Not what was planned, but a stunning scene.  Jayne White conducted the ceremony.

 Then after the ceremony we had to move out into even heavier rain than before, to make as much of a run for it as possible to get to the marquee.
 Who cares about the weather. Let's just have a laugh...
 This dreary scene sums up the conditions perfectly, the party is still going on inside though.
 A great day to have such colourful decor.

Special mention has to go to young Erin, who sang so beautifully and powerfully while people waited for the food.
A further special mention has also got to be made for Bryony, The Cake Lady, who had made this amazing Disney themed cake.  Surely someone would have had some guilty feelings chomping into Piglet?!
Later in the afternoon we managed to photograph some family groups outside when the rain eased off temporarily.  But this final group had to be done in a more sheltered location as the rain returned, I like the result with people still having fun.

This wedding was a very informal event, the only speech was when Ross said a few emotional words after we all relocated back to the Hatton Gallery for the evening.

What a great day, not quite what was planned initially, but still a wonderful experience for all.

Emma & Mark

Emma & Mark's wedding was a great day, characterised by some very key and emotional moments.
 There was a busy atmosphere as Emma got ready at her parents' house, but Benji the dog just took it all very calmly and didn't seem bothered by all the fuss.

The ceremony was held at St. Matthew's Church, with Rev. Mark Charmley conducting things in a touching way.

 Whatever the weather, just have a smile.  It was very windy and also with heavy rain.

 What a treat the singing was, the Guernsey Welsh Male Voice Choir were incredible.

 Holly's reading was one of the highlights of the day, it was so emotional and there couldn't have been a dry eye in the church.

 Luckily the rain had stopped as we exited the church, this allowed us to complete the family group photographs in the church doorway as planned.  No problems with people squinting in the sun today!

 So much effort had been taken to decorate the dining room at La Grande Mare, it looked beautiful and all the work was well worth it.

 Another emotional highlight of the day was Alfie's speech, he went last after the bestman.  A case of saving the best till last...
 Special mention must be made to Ernie and the Ormers.  They played a very polished set of popular songs.  Ernie really was so professional on the drums and clearly was having a great time.

 The audience were soon chanting enthusiastically for "one more song"!
Undoubtedly Ernie's performance was yet another emotional highlight of the day.

Then we moved on to the dance floor for the first dance.

Rachel and Richard

Rachel and Richard had such an enjoyable and laid-back day for their wedding.

 Rachel did her own hair and make up and had a beautiful flower crown that suited the relaxed, Bohemian feel of the day.

 Rain was threatening, with the forecast being for heavy rain from early to mid-afternoon; having a 2pm ceremony was cutting it fine! There were a few anxious people checking rain radar apps on their phones as the time approached.

 Jayne White conducted the ceremony.

 Steph, one of the bridesmaids, sang after the certificate was signed.   It was a stunning performance and an emotional moment for everyone listening.

 With a few spots of rain starting to fall and an increasingly strong wind, we proceeded straight away to take the family group pictures.  We just got away with it!  As we finished, people retreated to the welcoming, dry interior of the Bella Luce.  Needless to say, we decided that it wasn't a good time to go and take pictures on the nearby cliffs!
 There was a great atmosphere inside.
 Colin Falla, who was playing the sax outside during the ceremony, also rapidly relocated indoors to continue playing.
 Rachel and Richard just seemed so comfortable together.
 The marquee was beautifully decorated and everyone moved in there for the meal, which meant braving the wind and rain.

 The inside out umbrella sums up the conditions nicely.
 Caught in the act...
 The rain was so heavy that people all moved closer to the top table so they could hear the speeches, giving the atmosphere a real sense of intimacy.

 No, this had nothing to do with Le Tour de France which only had 2 more days to go.  Instead, this was the T-shirt that literally got Richard noticed by Rachel on a night out when everyone else wore dark outfits!
 A warm up act for the first dance!

 I had never heard Stuck to the Ceiling play before, but they were amazing.  The lead singer certainly was enthusiastic and had everyone up on the dance floor.

Cleo & james

As we enter one of the busiest times of the year for weddings, we shared a lovely day with Cleo & James.

They got married at St. Joseph's Church and had the reception at The Old Government House Hotel.

Cleo got ready at her parents' house. The bright and clean decor gave us a lovely backdrop for some pictures.

Cleo had some gorgeous accessories, including a beautifully decorated veil which really added to her dress.

James got ready at his parents' house, alongside his and Cleo's son, Felix, who was an absolute delight all day.
 Got to gel that hair!

Felix strolled up the aisle without a fuss; it was a really sweet moment and impressive for someone so young.

 Canon Michael conducted a lovely ceremony in his normal, amiable manner.

 The OGH dining room looked quite splendid in the striking red and white colour scheme that the couple had chosen.

After the meal, Cleo went outside to receive a very special and unusual gift from James... a box of butterflies!  It was nice to see some native species, like the gorgeous peacock butterfly.

 What a lovely day, all the best for your future together.

Esther & Gavin

What a lovely, low key wedding Esther & Gavin had.  The ceremony and reception were both held at the Old Government House hotel.  With both Esther & Gavin also getting ready at the hotel, we didn't have to go far all day, much more relaxing.

There wasn't a huge amount of space for all the groomsmen in one room, but they managed, even following the instructions to fold their hankerchiefs.

 Don't forget the rings!
 Meanwhile the bride and bridesmaids seemed to be a bit calmer in their preparations.
 It was great to see Lena back in Guernsey to do the make up and hair for Esther.

 Esther's dress was quite beautiful.

 Dad waited patiently outside before he was allowed in to see his daughter...

 Then it was just a walk down a couple of flights of stairs to the ceremony.
 Gary Vaudin was the humanist celebrant for the lovely ceremony.
 Just a little wipe to clear the lipstick!

 We walked up to Candie Gardens for a few family group pictures, then back to the reception where the guests were having a great time outside.

 The dining room was beautifully decorated.

 Speeches were before the meal.
 Esther's father, David, made one of the shortest speeches I have heard, but it was certainly one of the most moving.

 The fine weather encouraged people to sit outside and chat long into the evening.  There was a lovely, amiable atmosphere throughout the day as everyone had a good laugh together.

Megan & Tom

With seven bridesmaids, the house was full of activity as Megan got ready at her parents.

 Gasps of astonishment as Megan appeared in her dress...

 My wife, Karen, photographed Tom and his groomsmen as they prepared for the day.
 No nerves here, as Tom leads from the front as they go to the ceremony.

Having the ceremony in the garden made things very convenient, just a short walk from the back of the house.
 Jayne White was the celebrant for the ceremony.

 A very fleeting moment that I just managed to capture, a good example of when the automated functions on a modern camera won't get things right.
 People didn't have to go far to form the confetti aisle, then there was plenty of time to gather for drinks and chat with friends on the lawn.
Lots of emotional moments after the ceremony.

 Somehow the forecast rain and drizzle held off until we were just about ready to go to the reception at Castle Cornet, excellent timing!
 The drizzle here was surprisingly heavy, yet it still is possible for beautiful pictures.

 A grey view, but the marquee was lovely inside and the weather was fine for those who wanted to gather outside.

 More emotional moments when the speeches took place.

 Youthe played in the first dance before continuing for a couple of great sets.  They are well worth seeking out.

 The drizzle didn't stop us taking some amazing pictures outside later that night.

 Then back to the dancing.  Once the band had finished, the DJ equipment was pulled forward and things became even wilder!
 This thing has more buttons than my cameras!

 I'd heard Tom was a keen DJ, he couldn't resist the mixer.  The atmosphere was incredible.  Great music played skilfully by the DJs and everyone having a fantastic time, all in a good natured fashion.
 Megan & Tom appeared to be such a quiet couple earlier in the day!

Wow, what a night that was!

Royal Photographic Society - Guernsey Assessment Day

Some of you may know that I am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and am honoured to sit on one of their distinctions panels.  Last Sunday I was a panel member with Steve Le Prevost FRPS at a Royal Photographic Society Assessment Day.

We were lucky to have this take place in Guernsey, all organised by Eric Ferbrache.

It was a great day, where we advised potential applicants going for their distinctions and also viewed previously successful panels sent over by the Society.

In addition we were treated to a viewing of 2 panels from Steve Le Prevost, where he had recently gained a second Fellowship and also one from the Irish Photographic Federation.  Congratulations Steve, absolutely fantastic work.

The day was full of interest, I had no problems concentrating, even though I had only about 3 hours sleep after photographing a wedding the day before, more on that on my next post!

Thanks to Eric for organising the day and for the picture below:-

Rosemary's photography

Our eldest daughter, Rosemary, is quite an accomplished photographer already.  She has her final year to go of her Fine Art degree and has done a lot of photography for her years.

Just the other weekend she was in Dinard, France to photograph a wedding all by herself.

Pop along to her blog to have a look at what she took, some quite beautiful pictures of what was a charming event.

Aimee & James

This wedding took place under the richest blue skies that Guernsey can produce, and a blazing sun.  Luckily the ceremony and reception took place in a location perfectly suited to the occasion, in a hidden corner of the parish of St. Peter's.

There was quite a crowd in the cottage where Aimee got ready.  Baby Harry was a little star and never short of willing helpers.

 Another willing helper for Aimee's make-up.

 Aimee's dad, Peter, had his van all ready to drive Aimee a short distance up the road.  A very sweet vehicle for the bride.

 At the marquee James and his groomsmen finished off a few things then greeted the guests as they arrived for the ceremony.

 A great entrance!

 As they say, location, location, location!
 Caryn, from White Dove, conducted the humanist ceremony.  Everyone was in great humour, even if a bit hot!

 It's not often in Guernsey that umbrellas are needed for the sun...

 There was plenty of time for a relaxed drink as everyone gathered together before the food.

 The setting and marquee were quite beautiful, the hard work put into the preparations was well worthwhile.

 Dad's speech was particularly touching.

As the sun got lower in the sky we took advantage of some gorgeous light.
 After the first dance the dance floor was heaving, but some preferred to just sit outside and watch the sunset.

 I was waiting for just the right time to take a shot like this, when the artificial lighting had just the right glow against the remnants of the sunset.  What a stunning setting, and skilled photography too!

 With no moon I was keen to see if I could take a picture of the wedding venue and the stars.  Due to the glow of the midsummer sun I had to wait until midnight to get this, but hopefully you agree it was worth the wait.

What a beautiful day in so many ways.

Hannah & Jamie

What an enjoyable day Hannah & Jamie had.
 It's quite handy when one of your bridesmaids is a make up artist.  Preparations were very relaxed.

 The attention wasn't just on the bride, Opal had a lot of attention too!
 Hannah's mum, Debbie, had gone to great lengths to decorate the home and the wedding venue at the Bella Luce to spectacular effect.
 I am sure another picture of Opal will be appreciated...

 The groomsmen got ready at the Bella Luce, where my wife Karen photographed them.

 After an extremely heavy period of rain in the morning, it was all beautifully clear by the time everyone arrived at St. Martin's Church.

 The smiles say it all!
 This was the last wedding we were covering with Rev. Keirle at St. Martin's before his departure to become Dean of Jersey.  Best wishes for your new role Mike, and thank you for all the great ceremonies and humour over the years.

 The newly weds emerged from the church to the guard of honour.

 Not to be outdone, Hannah's midwife colleagues made up another guard of honour with their pinards.
 We stopped off on the cliffs for a few pictures.  The blue sky had turned very grey and the wind did make it rather tricky, the veil had to stay in the car.

 The Bella Luce is always a lovely venue for the reception.  The marque and the decorations were quite amazing.  Special mention must be made for the work Debbie had put in, together with the Wedding Fairy, and of course for Charlotte from the Bella Luce for her tireless work throughout the day.

 Speeches were great entertainment.

 Jamie's sword was useful to photograph the rings on, it also made a very effective cake knife!

 I was really pleased with the below image of the first dance.  Thanks for your help Jack.
 After the first dance the band sprang into action.  This was the first time I had heard Youthe, I can recommend them highly and look forward to seeing them again at another wedding that is coming up in the next few weeks.  The dance floor was so packed it was actually very difficult to get in there to take photographs!

Sarah & Tim (and Jacob)

 Normally it is the bride and groom who are the centre of attention throughout the day.  But Sarah & Tim's son, Jacob, took a fair share of attention himself, together with his growing band of cousins.

 Sarah looked quite stunning in that gorgeous dress.

 We just had time for a few pictures in the garden before everyone had to make their way to St. Matthew's Church.
 My wife, Karen, had photographed Tim and his best man, Alex, getting ready.  Don't worry Tim, she also managed to get pictures of the cats too!

 We were treated to some great weather.

 Rev. Linda Le Vasseur conducted the ceremony.  We hadn't covered a wedding with her since she was at the Forest Church, so it was nice to see her again.
 Alex kept Tim occupied so he didn't get nervous before the beginning of the ceremony.
 Ella, the flower girl, was another star on the day.

 The below image is one of my favourites, a brief moment that that tells us so much.
"Now I don't think you better go in there Jacob".

 A brief stop for pictures on the way to the reception at The Farmhouse Hotel.
 The dining room was set up beautifully, with a very distinctive cake.

 There was plenty to do after the meal, the pool proved popular, plus there was a bouncy castle for the many children.

 Carl Ward was the DJ for the night, he kept the dance floor active.  Sarah's work colleagues livened things up as soon as they arrived too!
 A last dance with Jacob finished off a wonderful day.

Katrina & Andy - St. Sampson's Church and The Bella Luce

This was always going to be a wedding to look forward to, a couple full of character with lots of friends who know how to enjoy themselves.

 Katrina got ready at The Bella Luce, where the reception was to be held later.  Some lovely details and a beautiful dress.

 The bridesmaids were delighted when they saw Katrina fully ready.

 Meanwhile the groomsmen got all suited up and went for a quick pint and game of snooker.  Apparently Andy even went for a ride on his bike beforehand.  The hats looked great.

 Tricky lighting, but some excellent images by my wife and assistant Karen.  Look closely at the picture top left to see that Andy doesn't just do tricks on his bike, that snooker ball has just taken some air!
 St. Sampson's church is our oldest parish church and always has a unique charm.

 Katrina's brother escorted her up the aisle.  The picture below is one of my favourites, a fleeting moment and not easy to get the exposure for, but a beautiful story telling image.
 Rev. Tim Dack conducted a lovely ceremony, with plenty to smile about.

 Something must feel different on Andy's finger!

 Not just a pro looking snooker player, but also a pro looking chauffeur!
 It was nice to take advantage of some daffodils on the way to the reception.

 Speeches took place between courses, just to spread out the fun!

 What a cake, in particular what an amazing cake stand.  Andy had made up this triple layer stand, mounted on a mountain bike wheel, complete with gold tyre, cassette and brake disc!  It was beautifully solid and could be spun around, a great idea.

 Some strange hats appeared as part of St. Patrick's day...
 Leon definitely took the best dancer prize!
 Only a long weekend for this busy couple, it's a hectic time of the year for Andy's Pools.
A couple of evenings after the wedding I waited to board the overnight ferry to Portsmouth, to cycle up to Bath, for a couple of days work at the Royal Photographic Society where I sit on a distinctions panel.  I got chatting to another cyclist waiting, it turned out to be Effraim, who was a guest at the wedding. In fact Andy & Katrina met at one of Effraim's birthday parties, precisely 10 years ago to the day of the wedding.  A sweet story to finish this blog on.