Lisa & Ben

Just a few days before the winter solstice we were treated to weather that could almost have passed for a summer's day.  This beautiful, calm and sunny day was perfect for Lisa & Ben's wedding.

Lisa got ready at The Farmhouse, where the reception was to be held later on.
 A midday ceremony meant there was little time in the morning for everyone to get ready, but once all the preparation was finished we just had time for some stunning portraits of Lisa.

Ben cut a very relaxed figure as he got ready with his groomsmen, and again when he greeted guests at St. Martin's Church.

The bride's brother, James, proudly escorted Lisa into the church.  I love the low angled light during the winter months, as it adds some lovely atmosphere to these pictures.

The low light streaming through the windows was tricky to expose for at times, but it added a nice touch to the scene. Indeed, the whole ceremony was a beautiful occasion.

After the ceremony, we stopped off on the coast for a few pictures. As we approached, I noticed some nice light that we were just in time to take advantage of, as the sun dropped just moments later to leave the area in shadow.

As normal my wife, Karen, helped taking pictures on the wedding day.  We were also joined by Rosemary, our eldest daughter, on this occasion too.  Rosemary has got a total of 8 images in this blog, including the one below.  Anyone want to guess which others are hers?
 The Farmhouse was beautifully decorated for this winter wedding, with the multitude of lights coming into their own as it got darker.
 The intricate rings were worth a bit of effort to make a special picture of.

After the first dance, Element 6 played a couple of sets which were well received by everyone dancing, with the rest of the evening music provided by Jason of Q-Sky.  Between them they kept the dance floor busy and lively all night long.

 Enjoy your honeymoon Lisa & Ben, I hope you can check this preview from such a long way away!