Barney & Imogen at The Royal Yacht, Jersey

Barney & Imogen had planned a very special event.  All guests travelled to Jersey for the wedding.
They both got ready in adjacent suites at The Royal Yacht Hotel, all very convenient for us to cover.

 On the balcony next door, the groomsmen were keen to show off their outfits!

 Just time for a quick practice!

 Imogen's granddad proudly walked her up the aisle.

 The hotel was not the original venue planned for the ceremony, this last minute change was ably handled by Judith from The Royal Yacht and it all worked out brilliantly.

After family group pictures outside the hotel, it was time to throw the bouquet.  This landed precisely at the flower girl's feet!

 I am sure the real reason we went elsewhere for some pictures, was so Barney could take Tom's lovely M3 for a spin!

 Back at The Royal Yacht, some fast work had taken place.  The Celestial Hall, where the ceremony had been held, was now set out in spectacular fashion for the wedding reception.

 Granddad led the speeches, the double act with the two best men also went down rather well.

 Before the dancing commenced we visited the pool, a good opportunity for some different pictures.  It was rather hot working there though.
 Once the dancing was underway, the floor was packed and remained so for the next few hours.  A very enthusiastic crowd taking full advantage of a brilliant performance by the band.  Sorry, can't remember the band's name, so if someone could please remind me I will give them a plug here, they fully deserve it.

 A spectacular event, quite fitting for this couple.