Vicky & Luke

Thank you for your patience if you have been awaiting this blog for a while, still catching up from a rather busy summer.  But I am sure you will agree the wait has been worthwhile.

Vicky and Luke had a great day.  We started early at the hairdressers, where the girls spent a while getting their hair done and having a bit of fun too.

 Nathan Richards was justifiably rather proud of his work on Vicky's hair, it looked amazing, and stayed that way all through to the end of the night.

 I have to own up, my daughter Rosemary was responsible for this beautiful portrait below.
 Dad's reaction on seeing Vicky was priceless.

 Meanwhile my wife Karen was photographing the groomsmen.  Luke was displaying an odd caption on his shirt for his wedding day!

 Now we have had all sorts of people for best men, ranging from friends, brothers, fathers etc.  Even weddings with two or even three best men.  But this one was unique for me, Summer was the first best woman I have encountered, and a great job she did too.
Summer's mug read "The best man for the job is a woman".  As the father of three daughters, I cannot argue with that!
 The ceremony was conducted by Jane White, at St. Martin's Parish Hall. 

 After the lovely ceremony, we popped by to see Vicky's gran.

 As the reception was at The Duke of Richmond Hotel, it was convenient to take a few pictures at Candie Gardens.
 The hotel dining room looked quite special, with some beautiful details.

Vicky's sister, Emma, was not just a bridesmaid, she also put her skills to stunning effect by making the cake too.  If you like what you see please contact her at Creative Cakes.  I know you have been keen to see the pictures Emma, so here's not one , but two images for you!

 This image of the  couple's entrance into the dining room really tells a story.
 Speeches were before the meal, everyone was kept well entertained.

 Summer excelled with her hilarious presentation.

 There are not many cakes you have to reach up to cut.
 After the first dance, things stepped up in pace.  The band was The Datcha Collective, their lively performance kept the floor heaving all night.

 They certainly worked hard...

 Some strange dance moves were displayed...

 We even made use of the rain for a couple of pictures outside. 
 Hope you all enjoy this preview.