Kiara & Anton

Another memorable wedding with many beautiful moments throughout the day.  The wedding was held at St. Peter's Church and the reception was held at The Venue.

Kiara got ready at her parents' home and looked stunning.

 The groomsmen got suited up very early and had fun practising blowing bubbles, these were to be used instead of confetti after the ceremony.
The oars were an appropriate symbol linking best man and groom in this picture.
 Kiara and her father arrived at St. Peter's Church by horse and carriage,  Rev. Tracy Charmley  conducted a really touching ceremony.
 Your time has come...

 One of my favourite images for a long time.  It illustrates everything I love about documentary wedding photography, the joyous and playful expressions in particular.  The bubbles worked out really well, the light winds helped make this possible.
 The couple had a relaxing carriage ride around the lanes near the church before heading to The Venue for the reception.

 The room looked lovely, with a very original table plan.  Names were inside bowls of seawater dressed with seaweed, creating a realistic marine environment.
 Again the closeness of the people at this wedding was well illustrated by the best man's speech.  Seb and Anton had known each other for a very long time.

 A great sequence of Kiara ably performing the submariner's tradition of downing a glass of rum and catching the dolphin badge in her teeth.  This drew a lot of applause and appreciation.
Something doesn't look quite right in this picture!

  The fun continued for the rest of the day and night.  Wild but still good natured would aptly describe the scene.  Q-Sky provided the music and lights and kept the dance floor packed.
 An extra guest smuggled into the reception joined in too.
 A quite amazing day.