Leighanne & Mark

Leighanne & Mark had to get ready smartly for a midday ceremony at St. Peter's Church.  This wasn't a problem and everyone was in good time, even with six flower girls to get to the church!

 Leighanne's dress had some stunning details.

 It was a busy morning for the bridesmaids, ensuring they were all ready themselves, as well as all the flower girls.

 A bit less hectic for the boys, they also needed a helping hand from each other.

 All smiles at the church.
 The flower girls were obviously very excited, they generally went in the right direction!

 A rather pensive look on Mark's face as Leighanne was escorted up the aisle by her father.

 Rev. Charmley conducted a lovely ceremony

 After a brief stop for some pictures the weather brightened up and the marquee at The Bella Luce Hotel looked very inviting.  The interior was also splendidly decorated.

 A willling helper was on hand to assist with Leighanne's veil.

 A sign of the times provided an amusing moment.
 Speeches followed in the traditional place after the meal, they gave the guests a lot to laugh about.

 As evening approached we all moved into the hotel.  Firstly for the cake cutting then for the dancing.

 The Last of the Light Brigade gave an amazing performance, their energy spread and the dance floor soon became a mass of people thoroughly enjoying themselves.  It was difficult to find room to actually take pictures!

 The crowd kept baying for more as the band had to eventually wind up their set.
What a great day!