Alexandria & Darren

 Here's a new post to share another delightful wedding.  Alexandria and Darren's wedding took place at St. Peter's Church, with the bride getting ready at the Old Government House Hotel where the reception was to be held later on.


 Alexandria's dress was very simple and suited her perfectly.

Back at the couple's house, getting ready for the groomsmen was a team effort.

 The two flower girls and bridesmaid preceded an excited bride.

 Rev. Charmley conducted a very intimate ceremony with many really sweet moments.

 After a quick stop for pictures, we made our way to the Old Goverment House Hotel for the reception. 

 The dining room was laid out in spectactular fashion with many lovely details.

 Soon after the couple entered the dining room, the speeches began.  These were very amusing, Darren's speech was particularly heartfelt.

 It didn't seem long before it was time for the first dance.

Hope you enjoy this preview while while I work at preparing the rest of the gallery.