Sara & Patrick

With so many people coming to Guernsey for this wedding from Ireland it was always going to be a lively and amiable day.

We started at the hairdressers, my first chance to see the great new decor at Envy.

The boys seemed to have a lot to do to get ready, last minute showers and ironing being the priority.

Sara was ready in plenty of time, so we could take a few portraits.  Her brother arrived to go to the church with her and give her away.


The bride was perfectly on time, but a few circuits were necessary as we were left waiting for a couple of late guests.

Patrick stared resolutely ahead as Sara walked up the aisle.


Following the lovely service we stopped off at Petit Bot for a few pictures, an area with fond memories for the couple.


The Farmhouse Hotel was the venue for the reception.  There was plenty of time to mingle with guests and enjoy a glass of champagne.

I had to slip in a picture of Colin Falla, who provided some beautiful music for the reception.  Amusingly this was about the 5th time I had covered an event where Colin was playing within a fortnight!

While most enjoyed a chat and a drink, others engaged in less relaxing pursuits...

Speeches were thoroughly entertaining, with some obviously difficult to listen to moments for some!

We took advantage of some evening sunlight. It's surprising what pictures can be taken in the car park!

There's always someone keen to show off their skills.

The first dance was a lovely moment, then it was time for others to join in.

What a lovely day, characterised by such a friendly ambiance that the Irish so specialise in.