Sammy & Nick

Couples often ask me, "What if it's raining?"  The answer to that is to have a great time and it is up to us to deliver the best pictures possible whatever the conditions.

Sammy and Nick's wedding was a perfect example of this.  Heavy rain and wind throughout the day did nothing to dampen the spirit and fun of this wedding.  Let me share a few pictures below as a little preview of their day.

While all the girls got ready, Grandpa had a bit of quiet time in the kitchen.

As Sammy was laced up in her dress, she gazed out to the waiting cars.

We had very little time for any portraits.  The bride looked absolutely stunning.

A quick dash out through the rain for the bridesmaids made for a dramatic scene as we all made our way to the church.  The bridesmaids made use of the 1948 Rover and the bride had a much older 1934 Lanchester car, both special to the family and perfect for this occasion.

The groomsmen got ready rather quickly, it was pretty difficult following Nick around to take some pictures of him!

There was plenty of help for Sammy as she arrived at Delancy Church.  Luckily it was only a couple of steps from the car to the shelter of the doorway.

I wonder what Nick's final thoughts were as a single man?

One of my favourite pictures, (I have to admit it was taken by my wife and assistant Karen), shows a cleverly composed view of Sammy's profile against a pool of light in the corner of the church.

The service was delightful.  The couple both attend this church and Canon Michael took this emotional and laughter filled ceremony.

Then it was out into the rain again!  

We had access to what has to be one of the most spectacular gardens in the island, but unfortunately there was no way we could take advantage of it for any pictures apart from this shot.  Then it was onward to the Bella Luce Hotel for the reception.

 Everyone's having fun with their cameras, I don't mind that all as long as no-one prevents me doing my work properly.  Here I like the framing provided by the people ahead of me.

The marquee was a cosy place as people settled down for the meal and entertaining speeches.

There are always interesting details to seek out.


The dancing was back in the main hotel, with some rather lively activity.

Someone looks surprised...

It was still raining when we did a few photographs outside after dark, but again this can give some good opportunities.

The last dance rounded off a wonderful day.  

The honeymoon destination was a surprise for Sammy, hope you are having a lovely time if you are able to read this blog.