Lucy & Brendan

Lucy & Brendan are a couple with whom I have a fair bit in common, a love of the sea, climbing and photography.  So we were really looking forward to this event.

Lucy and the bridesmaids were a bit late back from the hairdressers,  but there was no panic and everyone got ready in time for the cars to take them to the church.  I love pictures like the one I start this blog with, it tells a story as well as being a fascinating image. 

The dress and accessories were beautiful, in particular the shoes!  Notice the anchor, there will be other images following the nautical theme later.

Meanwhile my wife and assistant Karen was photographing the groomsmen who seemed to be enjoying their hats.

The dress required those nearby to be careful where they stood.

Matthew, the pageboy, led everyone into St. Joseph's Church at the perfect pace.


We are always on the look out for those little details that can make a strong picture.

A breezy day meant the veil was in constant need of some prompt action!

Is the dress all in yet?

 We had a brief stop at the park for pictures, then onward to the Farmhouse for the reception.

Once again the dining area had been decorated in stunning fashion, a few more anchors to continue the theme.

Speeches drew a few tears and many laughs.

The Boulangerie was responsible for this skilfully made cake, no surprises about the decorations.  An attractive cheese tower was there for anyone who felt hungry later that evening.

No, you don't want to use that toy knife - try this instead!  A sword was offered up by one of the bestmen...

Lucy's time in America was recognised with the USA themed pick 'n mix table, some great details there.

The first dance kicked off a busy last few hours as the dance floor saw some energetic activity.

Being a keen photographer Brendan was interested to see what I could create later that evening, we got some stunning images of which this is one.

The day wound down with a slower dance, an intimate way to complete the celebrations.  Have a great time on honeymoon Brendan and Lucy, you had an amazing day.