Donna & Stuart

Donna & Stuart got married on a rather blustery day this month. But, except for the odd shower, this didn't affect the day.

I am always on the look out for any off beat compositions and details, so I was pleased with the way this scene tells a story.

The dress and accessories were fun to cover, with lots of exquisite detailing.

Donna was ready in plenty of time, giving us the chance for a few portraits before I had to make my way to the church.

The groomsmen met at the Longfrie and then had a short stroll to St. Peter's Church for the service.  There has got to be a message in this picture...

The interior of the church had been decorated in spectacular fashion, clearly a lot of effort had gone into this.  We were also treated to a brass band, this created a great atmosphere.

A heavy shower blew by quickly so we could emerge from the church.

Thank you to Rena & Jim for the use of their  meticulous garden for a few pictures on our way to the Farmhouse for the reception.

The Farmhouse had been decorated with similar attention to the church, well worth the effort.

This gift certainly seemed well received, we try very hard to capture these precious and fleeting moments.

I couldn't resist adding this image to the blog, it illustrates perfectly the events that we are constantly on the look out for.

Some danced while some sat outside and enjoyed the conversation.

Now I thought his dancing was pretty good...

A breath of fresh air gave us the chance to take a few pictures in the gardens.

Back to the dance floor - which Stuart had managed to avoid so far.  But as the last song was played he was dragged onto the floor amidst much cheering.  A great end to a beautiful day.