Dawn & Darren

This wedding was characterised with a really relaxed feeling all day.  Things were running a touch late with the preparations but everyone arrived at St. James in good time.

I couldn't resist this little juxtaposition of dad...

By co-incidence at virtually the same time as Dawn came downstairs, Darren walked into St. James after a quick drink with his groomsmen.

The reception was at a marquee at Les Cotils.  Fortunately, we had a nice quiet day weather wise, a big contrast to the gales and rain earlier in the week.  The interior of the marquee was delightfully decorated.

Now if you put a jokey comment about special dietary requirements for your menu choice, don't be surprised if your wish is granted!

Speeches took place between courses and contained some rather emotional moments.

Did he really say that...?!!

Dawn and Darren's daughter Hope was beautifully behaved all day, quite a notable feat.

A tranquil scene outside, a busy and noisy scene inside.

We had time for a quick picture before Dawn and Darren had a short walk home.  What a marvellous day everyone had.