Gemma & Brent

Gemma & Brent's wedding day was full of vibrance and energy.  The groomsmen were up really early and showed unusual levels of activity first thing on a wedding day.  Maybe this had a little to do with breakfast watching England against France in the rugby world cup!  A great way to start off the day.

Testing lighting conditions, looking straight into a very bright sun, also give opportunities to exploit a different look for some pictures.

Soon everyone was concentrating heavily on the match, with a few opinions about whether the ref was right or not!

There certainly was more urgency with the girls as they arrived from the hairdressers with lots to do.  They got ready at the Farmhouse where the reception was to be held later.  Again I enjoyed the atmospheric lighting conditions.

Gemma's dress had some exquisite detailing in the lacework.

The weather was perfect. I reckon out of all the weddings I have done this year, this was the sunniest and calmest day.  Strange that we had to wait until mid-October for this to happen.  The service was at St. Martin's church with Reverend Tracy Charmley.

Nerves?  No, I am sure Brent was more worried about Australia vs New Zealand the next morning!

Rory got everyone tapping as he sang and played his guitar during the register signing.

We had a very quick stop for a few pictures on our way to the Farmhouse for the reception.

The dining area was beautifully laid out, with a bright, white theme.

I must say that I found the speeches to be some of the most entertaining I have heard at a wedding.

James had a particularly humorous poem he had written, mainly about how the couple had met.

Rory's guitar was made by a very appropriately named manufacturer, so it was natural I photographed the rings on it.

After a bit of impromptu dancing, singing and guitar playing, the somewhat acrobatic first dance took place.  This was soon followed by further energetic displays on the dance floor!

What an amazing day this was, a great mix of people from opposite ends of the world who certainly know how to enjoy themselves.

Just a shame about the rugby the following day...