Charlotte & Adrian

Another special day for the wedding of Charlotte & Adrian, a couple with a quite remarkable variety of backgrounds.  So it was no surprise to see things done a little differently.

Charlotte's was not the typical outfit, it suited her beautifully.

Now as a man I am probably not expected to get too excited about a bride's shoes, but these certainly  were stunning and I could have continued to find different ways to photograph them if time permitted. It seemed a shame for Charlotte to walk in them and mark those exquisitely detailed soles.

The morning was rather hectic, an early start at the hairdressers, then a trip to the Bella Spa for make-up, a further check at the hairdressers then back to mum's house to get changed.  Dad did some final tweaks to his speech as the girls finished their preparations.

At least the distances between locations was short, the ceremony was a humanist blessing conducted by Jayne White.  It was held at the Bella Luce Hotel, the weather was fine for the service to be outdoors and the setting was perfect.

A bit of amusement as a passing plane drowned out proceedings for a brief while.

The decor in the marquee was amazing, the tables were called after dinosaurs!

Justin, now it's your turn...

A big thank you to Justin for being an extremely good and useful bestman, from organising the family groups efficiently to holding some photographic equipment for me.

A quick trip away for an evening picture...

An enthusiastically announced first dance.

Guess who the band was?  Specially reformed by Matt, the bride's brother.

Not sure if this cup-cake eating contest was a good idea, I still don't know who won.

All the best for your future together Charlotte & Adrian, we certainly enjoyed your wedding day.