Nikita & Aldonio

This wedding took place on what was probably the hottest, sunniest day this August.  The groomsmen had a great fried breakfast, with champagne, at Pembroke.  This was followed by a quick swim, apparently a well needed hangover cure!

Aldo didn't seem quite so keen to jump in as others.

The bride and bridesmaids got ready at mum's house.  It was a bit hot to be getting into dresses too early.

The twins looked very smart, but little Josh was a bit more reluctant to get into his outfit.

St. Martin's Church was conveniently only round the corner.

This picture says so much!

Then they were sped off to Petit Bot, this was a busy place given the gorgeous weather.  Balloons were released in memory of Aldo's father.

The reception took place at La Trelade Hotel.  The dining room was beautifully decorated.

The speeches were very emotional.

The children were kept amused by a magician, some played more sedately than others!

Soon it was time for the dancing, there certainly was some energetic activity.

We managed to slip out for a few pictures outside, then it was time for the final dance.  What a fantastic day it was.