Sharon & Paul

Sharon and Paul got married last Saturday and this proved to be a long day, but rewarding from the point of photographic opportunities.

An early service time meant an early start at the hairdressers.  

This next picture is one of my recent favourites, some decorating work at the hairdressers gave me a juxtaposition I had to wait patiently for.

Back at Sharon's flat there wasn't much time to waste before they were getting into their outfits.


Kofi, Sharon's father was very excited to see his daughter.  Sharon was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful brides I have photographed.

How many bouquets can you hold in one go?

The service was at St. Stephen's Church.

The reception was conveniently just down the road at St. Pierre Park Hotel.

We are always on the look out for those moments that others miss.

Some last second adjustments as the couple are announced into the reception.

It was the bestman's birthday, but he took his duties seriously.  He delivered one of the funniest speeches I have heard at a wedding.

The evening entertainment started off with the first dance.

There was a very close call on the bouquet tossing.

This crowd danced energetically until well after midnight.  Sharon and Paul also rounded off the dancing with an athletic display.  A fitting end to a vibrant day.