Natalie & Joel

This was quite a spectacular wedding, with lovely weather and superb venues.

Natalie was ready in plenty of time which gave us a relaxed morning, time for a few portraits and family and bridesmaids pictures.

 Onto the Vale Church.

Joel looked a bit worried, for a brief moment, but soon burst into a big smile on seeing his bride come up the aisle.

There was a drinks reception at Castle Cornet, what a splendid venue for this.

The final location for the meal and evening entertainment was at St. James, this had been decorated so beautifully. 

Dad's speech about the shopping experiences for the wedding was highly amusing.  Joel's two brothers, Luke and Guy, were best men and so did a great double act for their speech.

Of course brothers are bound to know a few embarassing memories about the groom!

Such a beautiful moment and backdrop for the first dance.

There were a lot hoping to get the chance to grab the bouquet.  Not sure how it missed the lights!

A couple of pictures outside and back to the dancing.  This was the second time I have heard the Devotees in a fortnight, always a band to look forward to.

 This was a well planned and special day, a great way to start Natalie & Joel's marriage.