Aimee & Luis

This was a wedding that I was looking forward to a lot.  A delightfully sweet couple who I felt I knew pretty well as we had worked together a few times in photographing their guest book for the wedding.  My impression is that Aimee always seems to have a ready smile, Luis rarely stops laughing.

I just couldn't resist this cute Jemima Puddle-Duck name plate when I photographed Aimee's dress.

Brides don't come much prettier than this...

Luis was a little shy when he was getting ready, but we managed a few pictures of him.

The flowers at the church, and later at the reception, were quite spectacular.

I always enjoy St. Peter's Church, one reason is that I was married there myself, rather a long time ago now (like over 22 years ago!)

A very brief stop for pictures and onto the Farmhouse for the reception.  The dining area was notable for the flowers again and everything looked rather special.

Dad possibly took longer to get ready than his daughter with his Scottish outfit, but he looked a distinguished figure when giving his speech.

The speeches were rather emotional at times.

There was not just one cake, but two.  Both very striking.

The couple's happiness was obvious during the first dance, then all ages took full advantage of the music to dance the night away.  The band was John Inder's Jamali, I hadn't heard them before and thought that they were great.

The still, warm evening encouraged people to stay out in the garden.

A truly lovely wedding day slowly came to an end.