Alisha & Carl

Mid July doesn't normally produce the weather we had for this wedding, a gale and some rather heavy rain.  But the weather is one thing we cannot control, so I always tell people to have a great time whatever the elements throw at us.  Yes, it can give me some practical problems but then it is up to your photographer to deal with things and produce the goods despite the difficulties.

Alisha's dress was very beautiful and I made good use of the textures and patterns for a few detail shots.

The house was a bit hectic, but we managed to fit in some portraits of Alisha when she was ready.

Bride and groom got ready at the furthest corners of the island from each other, but we managed to fit in everyone.

Fortunately the worst of the weather held back for the beginning of the service at the Vale Church.

Then back out into the rain....

While at the park things really opened up...

The reception was at La Grande Mare Hotel.

This wedding was notable for the large contingent of children, all well behaved and having fun even though it was too wet and windy for the planned bouncy castle.

The dancing was popular and suited all ages.

Some were particularly athletic...

While others watched quietly from a safe distance...

We also managed a brief break to catch the full moon rising.

All in all a wonderful day.