Katja & Vinny

I was trying to keep last weekend free, with the intention of having a well earned holiday with the family and watching the Tour de France.  But then Vinny got in touch and explained he was getting married.  They insisted that our work really was the only photography that they felt resonated with them, well I am not good at saying no!  Plus I had known Vinny before and knew that whatever he was involved in was going to be exceptionally lively.

We also met a few times before the wedding and produced a stunning engagement album which was used as a guest signing book at the reception.

Katja had her mum to help her get ready, also Lena did her hair and make-up.  Lena does an amazing job as you will see, we wish her the best of luck with her move to London.

Mum's pride in her beautiful daughter was very evident.

Vinny was getting ready at a friend's house with Jake, his son, who was also the best man.  Jake is only 13 years old, but with a maturity that exceeds many twice his age.  He ably carried out his duties all day and his speech was excellent.

The service was held at St. James.  Katja arrived with her Father in a lovely vintage car.

Vinny actually sang to his new wife on stage, such an emotional rendition of Elton John's "Your Song", many were moved to tears.  Few people have such a powerful and beautiful voice.

A quick stop for a few pictures on the way to the Grand Mare Hotel for the reception.  Katja also had an unbelievably rapid repair to her dress on the way to the hotel.  If there are any brides who need to have an emergency repair, remember Katie from Wedding Belles!

I had already experienced a Czechoslovakian plate breaking at a wedding earlier this year, but here we had a German log cutting by the couple, plus a few other games that were very amusing to watch.

The speeches were entertaining, we benefited from both German and English versions.  Katja's Father's speech in english was very well received, as apparently he doesn't speak english!  A few more German traditional wedding games followed too.

The master of ceremonies was also wonderfully entertaining!

A construction that wasn't quite what it seemed: it was made of toilet rolls that contained a fair number of £50 notes.

Not only were we treated to a spectacular sunset, but a double rainbow appeared specially for the couple.

I was prepared for a wild evening with this crowd, they didn't disappoint!  The Devotees got the crowd rocking.  Of course Vinny had to do a number with his Dad and they blasted out "Mustang Sally" like I had never heard before.

We finish off with a very appropriate image that sums up the energy of the event.