Susan & Oby

This certainly was a wedding with a difference, vibrant and colourful throughout.

I started with the hairdressers, this can take quite a long time, but there are always some good moments to capture needing concentration not to miss the best expressions and to find strong compositions in the confines of a busy salon.

One of my favourite images that really tells a story
 I am always pleased to try to take any specially requested pictures.  This is one rather sweet and elderly lady that a lot of people are rather fond of....
While the bride and bridesmaids were continuing their preparations it was time to see what the groom was up to.  Laid back and relaxed was one way to describe things, while everyone else was fully dressed Oby was still walking around with a towel around his waist!
The best man also had to perform a bit of hairdressing himself!
Is this a small sign of a few nerves?
Susan looked really stunning.
Weddings with Rev. Northover at the Vale Church are always entertaining, with everyone having a great time.
 The children were impeccably behaved throughout the day,  
 There are also off beat moments to look out for, as well as the obvious moments to photograph.
Karen, my wife and assistant, is good at spotting a good opportunity as below.
The couple were transported in a stunning Riley car, we found time for a quick stop for some pictures on the way to La Grande Mare Hotel for the reception.  It was nice to make use of some spring colour.
Talking of colour, the couple changed to traditional Nigerian costumes when they arrived for the reception.  All I can say is wow, what amazing outfits.  I love events which bring a mix of cultures.
The speeches took place before the food and provided plenty of funny moments.

With night falling we popped out briefly to take a couple of pictures between courses.
As I mentioned before, quite breathtaking outfits.  I was pleased to take something that captured the mood and colours so effectively.
One more change for the bride, as Susan went back into her wedding dress for the first dance.  This was a beautiful and touching moment before everyone else joined in on the dance floor.
All ages joined in with obvious enthusiasm, I don't think I have ever seen such smooth dancing at a wedding reception, wonderful.
Finally the day drew to a close, this certainly was a memorable event.  Best wishes to Susan and Oby for their future together.