Guernsey Choral and Orchestral Society

What better way to get into the festive spirit of Christmas than to go to the Guernsey Choral and Orchestral Society Christmas Concert.  Last Saturday evening there was a distinct winter chill outside, even some snow remained on the pavements of Town from earlier in the day.  I was at St. James to take a few pictures of the proceedings.  I have been too busy to put much on my blog recently, but couldn't resist a few images of this event.

Light conditions at such events are always an extreme challenge, but Guernsey is so lucky to have such a beautiful building for events like this.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the music and singing were amazing.  All this set against the stunning interior as you can see in the images below.  I am more used to seeing St. James decorated for weddings, this time we had all the Christmas decorations.

The main picture we wanted was to get the orchestra and choir together prior to the commencement of the evening.
I am used to being discreet and unobtrusive and this is essential for jobs of this nature. It is of the utmost importance to me not to disturb anyone's enjoyment of the evening.  So where I was able to I took the opportunity to take a few other compositions, there is always a host of photographs to take at events like this.

After the interval the children came on stage, this is always delightful.

I am always on the look out for something different and visually exciting, I really enjoy the next image, though it was tricky to get the right moment with the conductor's actions.

We were treated to an expressive narration of a Christmas story before Father Christmas made an apperance!

I was able to take a few shots of some of the musicians.

The evening drew to a close with the audience participating in some carols, I certainly felt that this evening really meant that Christmas was almost here.  There will be further pictures for viewing very shortly from the Buy Prints, Events area of my website.