Katie & Ben

Katie & Ben had a wonderful winter wedding.  Beautifully themed and detailed throughout, this was a pleasure to cover.  Appropriately we will start with a selection of details of the jewellery and accessories.

 The morning was fairly hectic, an early service necessitated a bit of running around to fit everything in from both the bride and groom's perspective.

 Fortunately my wife and assistant Karen covered the groomsmen having a swift drink and walking to the church.
 The service was held at Notre Dame, a church I have memories of as a child.  I still admire the architecture and the stunning roof design.  Karen was able to cover a few nice moments before the bride arrived at the church.

 A brief stop for pictures on the way to The Venue for the reception meant we had to put up with a cold and brisk wind.  But no sign of the previously forecast heavy rain.

 The reception area was really delightful, the winter theme was perfect.  Here's a small selection of the details we found.
 The speeches took place before the meal, the participants were then free to enjoy their food with no further duties to worry about!
 No respite for myself though, rings, flowers and a cake to photograph.  I was especially pleased with this creative shot of the rings, it took me a while to execute with a bit of ingenuity, but the result was well worth it.

 The early darkness gave us even more opportunity to have some fun with whatever light was available.  I love low light challenges.

 As the evening progreesed it was time to take to the dance floor.   Some took the chance to get a bit of practice in before Katie & Ben took to the floor.

The young and not quite as young took to the floor.

 While some chose a more modern form of entertainment.
 Some frantic activity saw out the evening.

 Eventually the night came to an end and the party was over.  A truly memorable day.

Hope you enjoy this preview of Katie and Ben's wedding, my last wedding of the year, a great way to end this season.  Don't be shy, please leave a comment if you thought this blog was worthwhile.