Victoria & Matthew

Victoria and Matthew's wedding took place on an absolutely glorious day, sunny, warm and light winds.  One drawback of this was that the surf was non-existent, so the boys had to make do with a bit of fun playing with stones on the beach.

With something a bit more dramatic....

Matthew looked rather cool as they got ready.

Meanwhile Victoria and her bridesmaids were very relaxed as they paddled their feet while sipping champagne and strawberries, a very pleasant way to spend a sunny morning.

The wedding dress had some exquisite detailing, Victoria was obviously excited and looked so pretty.

Onto the Vale Church, all in good time, in fact a few minutes early.

That heart shaped confetti was beautiful as it fluttered from the deep blue sky.

Harsh sunlight can give a few problems for photography, but it is my job to also create opportunities.  We made the most of a quick stop at the common on the way to the reception at the Bella Luce Hotel.

With such lovely weather the guests made the most of the garden party atmosphere.

Unsurprisingly we were treated to some eloquent and amusing speeches before the dancing commenced.

As night fell the setting was perfect for a great finale for such a wonderful couple.  Best wishes for your future together Vicky and Matthew.