Lindsay & Nigel

Lindsay & Nigel's recent wedding was a joy to photograph for us. As normal, I started with the bride getting ready, this was easier to cover as Lucy did the bride's hair and make up at home, less running around for me.

This moment is lovely as Lindsay's dad sees her looking so beautiful. The timing of the touching hands was the decisive moment for me to press the shutter.

It's amazing pictures one can capture in about 30 seconds!

Meanwhile Karen was covering the groomsmen having a quick drink, or two! Last minute speech writing was also evident. The picture of young Luke cleverly spotted through the empty glasses is one of my favourites.

Onto the church, the floral theme of the day was sunflowers. Coincidently it was Jenny Falla doing sunflowers for the second week running in consecutive weddings for me.

The first time the couple see each other at the front of the church is always a special moment. The church was so full, it was difficult to find a gap to get a clear view of Lindsay and Nigel looking so lovingly at each other.

Rings are always a challenge to photograph and I enjoy trying to do something creative with them, a patch of light and use of shadow makes this clever composition.

The VW van was a very practical mode of transport and we briefly visited Petit Bot for a couple of pictures on the way to the reception.

The reception was held at the Jerbourg hotel. The weather on the day was fairly dull and grey, good for family portraits as excessive contrast can be a problem otherwise. I wouldn't normally post an image like this shot of the whole wedding party on the blog, but the lighting and garden behind give a very attractive quality.

The noisiest table contained most of the groomsmen, the whole atmosphere was very jovial. I must add that Nigel's groomsmen were some of the most pleasant and helpful people we have come across. They were attentive with their duties throughout the whole day.

After the very entertaining speeches we had a special cake to be cut. The couple had a vision of what they wanted for their cake, various people were responsible for various parts of it. The end result was perfect, check out the remarkable resemblance to the couple on top of the cake!

The first dance took place to music from The States, this band never fail to get people rocking!

During a break between sets, we took a short walk to create this stunning image. The fog rolled in and it was rather wet so I had to work fast. When I see this image, it was exactly what I had in mind, the beams of light in the mist were an added bonus. I can still hear the piercing sound of the fog horn when I see this picture.

More dancing finished off the day. Lindsay and Nigel had a day to be proud of to start their married life.