Kim & Matt

Kim & Matt's wedding was a very moving affair, beautiful and inspiring.
Kim was one of those brides who seemed to get ready very quickly with the minimum of fuss. This helped to keep the morning relaxing and stress free. Her outfit was relatively simple, but with some stunning little details and lace work.

There was a sunflower theme to this event, the bright and cheery colours suited things perfectly. I couldn't resist taking the vase on the windowsill.

Meanwhile Matt was being wished good luck by one of his best friends!

Kim was so excited and full of laughter.

The wedding had one of the most moving ceremonies I have witnessed. It really was a privilege, I must admit I felt teary eyed myself at times, making photography a little more difficult than normal.

Noticing a little bit of merriment amongst the groomsmen, we picked up the writing on Matt's shoes!

It is nice to spot and record little moments such as this, as the newly married couple head away from the church, but you have to be quick to capture them.

The reception venue was at the Fermain Hotel, so the beach was a nice place to stop for a few pictures.

Dad did seem nervous before the speeches, but he delivered a good and amusing speech. He was caught here in full flow!

I really want to convey the true characters and emotions of a wedding, but I also keep an eye out for the finer details present. Being capable of journalistic moments and artistry is a great combination.

Photography is all about light, I particularly enjoy this moment with the beautiful low sunlight streaming through the gardens.

Onto the evening festivities. I had come across a few of the people at this wedding at Sam & Gilly's event almost a year before, (still on my blog from last August if you need to see those images). Well this prepared me for what to expect, these hockey people know how to party! The Devotees got the place rocking. The first dance was a gorgeous moment with this very happy couple.

The groomsmen went out for a break and a cigar, demanding conditions for my photographic skills but well worth the effort. In case the person I spoke to the next day reads this, let me say the camera doesn't do anything by itself. I place far greater value on the talent behind the camera myself.

This just can't be healthy?!

Back to the dancing with the band's second set to see out the night in spectacular fashion.

All in all a memorable day, we have some great photographs to provide you with those memories in the future.