Charlotte & Ian

Each wedding is special and many have some characteristics that make them notable.  Undoubtedly this one had a huge amount of preparation and attention to detail.  The reception venue was probably the grandest I have seen.  But more of that later.
Charlotte  got ready nice and early, this gave us a relaxed time and plenty of opportunity for some portraits of her and her family.
The groomsmen on the other hand had different ways of occupying themselves.
I was struck by this scene as the car parked under the arch to take the beautiful bride to the church.

The service followed at the Vale Church, the rector kept nerves at bay with his jovial manner.
The weather was perfect for the drinks reception at Candie Gardens.
It was just a short walk down the hill to St. James for the main reception.  This building is one of Guernsey's most special venues and the interior looked truly spectacular.  Even more so at night in my opinion as you will see lower down.
The lighting was perfect to show off the beautiful cake.  The speeches entertained everybody and the evening fun began with the bouquet throw and dancing.  What an atmospheric setting this proved.
The Devotees got people dancing the remainder of the night away, it was good to appreicate a band like this with the fine acoustics of the hall.
What a way to finish a spectacular event.  Hope you enjoy this preview of the photographs.  Please do leave a comment on the blog, that way I will know if anyone actually reads these posts!