Laura & Dean

Wow - what an amazing day we had last weekend! With about 150 people travelling over to Guernsey for this wedding, it was always going to have a unique flavour. What made it so special for me was the sheer energy and sense of fun, mixed with heartfelt emotions from genuine people.

We start off with the groom's party getting ready, it's surprising what good light you can get even in a small crowded hotel room.

What a way to put on a jacket, but check out the similarity with Dean crowd surfing later in the night!

Laura was so excited by her day and couldn't wait to show her truly spectacular dress, this image of the dress filling the wardrobe makes an amusing scene.

Just look at those amazed expressions as they catch the first glimpse of Laura coming down the stairs.

My wife and assistant ensured this rear view showed the dress to best effect as they entered the church. Also capturing the lovely view of the little guest getting a clear view up the aisle.

Time was short but we worked fast on a visit to the harbour on the way to Les Cotils for the reception. I am always aware of the need to work efficiently and extract the most from situations so the wedding party is not held up. Often parked cars are in the way for photographs, but how about the 853 foot Oriana! Actually I quite like the juxtaposition with the liner here.

Another prestigious symbol of the day was the Spirit of Ecstasy on the Rolls Royce that has a strong family meaning and was used for the couple's transport. What better than a picture using this and the wedding rings? It was very tricky to get the rings to stay in position on the highly polished chrome.

Les Cotils proved a perfect place for the reception, the children had fun and despite many pre-speech nerves, all the speeches were funny and well received.

Well done Lee, it wasn't that bad then?

It was nice to make use of the grounds for a few pictures of Laura and Dean, they were so natural in how they interacted.

The evening entertainment started, DJ Carl Ward got the dancing started and The States proved superb as the band. These people from Essex certainly know how to party!

A pretty wild time was had by all!

Laura lanched the bouquet into orbit high into the night sky, but there was a great reaction by the lucky lady who managed to catch it!

The day drew to a close, what an incredible event.

To the person who asked, yes I am more than willing to travel to the UK to shoot weddings, check out my Tetbury wedding on the blog from June as an example.