Adele & Matt

A preview of some of the pictures from Adele & Matt's recent wedding. They are a really sweet couple and the whole day went beautifully.

As usual the interest is centred on the bride's preparations, a packed house made it difficult to know who was who. Adele was helped by her bridesmaids and they all looked stunning.

A touching moment as Adele unwraps a gift from Matt, appropriately it is my job to ensure such memories get recorded.

Jessia the flower girl arrives to get ready. She looked so pretty and yes, we did get some lovely pictures of her having fun later in the day. But you'll have to wait until you see the full gallery for those images.

Andrew gives his daughter a hug as he sees how beautiful she looks.

Covering the groom's side of things is also essential. They all looked relaxed and had a "last supper" consisting of a steak sandwich. Now looking at the picture below, how many men does it take to fix a ribbon to a car?!

Very quickly the time to go to the church arrives. It was nice to be at the Forest Church, where Adele's family have strong links.

A quick glance behind caught perfectly by Karen my assistant, this shows the value of being able to cover different viewpoints if necessary.

The first time the couple see each other at the front of the church can be quite magical.

Call me quirky, but something about this image appeals to me! It is one of my favourite images from the day.

A quick stop on the way to the reception gave us the opportunity to take a few photographs making use of the lovely weather.

The reception was held at the Bella Luce Hotel, a venue with great ambience, both inside and outside in the gardens. I love the couple's look as they check to see the guests just prior to being announced. The speeches were great and the guests had a jovial time.

I enjoy catching little odd moments like this beer moustache!

While the guests ate, I took the opportunity to shoot a more creative picture of the wedding rings.

A nice romantic monent captured in the evening.

The first dance was a fun time, people took full advantage of visits to the gardens to cool off between more dancing.

The day ended with some quite frenzied activity on the dance floor, I must admit I didn't recognise many of the tracks played but it all went down with great enthusiasm.

Now I was asked in the evening out of all the photographs I had taken, which really was most memorable for me. At the time I couldn't single out any particular image. Hopefully from this preview you can understand my difficulty, it was a special day with many special moments, making it tricky to choose just one picture.