Catherine & Taurai

This wedding was notable as being the smallest event I have ever covered. In addition to the bride and groom, the guests present were the couple's beautiful little children. This wedding was small and really sweet.

A nice scene as the groom waits for the bride to arrive at the Greffe.

The couple had the best weather Guernsey could offer for the first two weeks of their trip, a bit ironic then that their first day of rain co-incided with the wedding day. It's hard being a bride and mother to two small children, here Catherine is sheltering in the doorway as we prepare to walk to a nearby garden for a little picnic lunch.

The cover of a beautiful copper beech provided the perfect spot to settle down.

Afterwards we walked to Notre Dame church where Catherine and Taurai lit some candles and spent a quiet moment of reflection.

We met again later in the day, the continuing rain allowed us to take some atmospheric images.

The next day normal weather resumed and we met on the beach to finish off our coverage with some lovely family pictures.

All in all a beautiful day of great intimacy.