Laura & Neil - a Herm wedding

Laura & Neil had a beautiful day for their wedding in Herm. This was my second overseas wedding in as many weeks, even if I only had to travel a few miles eastwards to get to Herm!

Laura worked in Herm for many years, plus she met Neil there, and it was special for them to come back for their wedding. The community spirit and friendship among the people from Herm was very evident and gave a great atmosphere throughout the day.

Here Laura is receiving the finishing touches to her hair, with some interested onlookers watching.

Just round the corner in the village the groomsmen got ready and made their way to St. Tugals Chapel. This chapel is a wonderful place with immense charm.

The chapel may look small on the outside, but it accommodated all the guests and a touching service followed.

A generous helping of confetti and the bride and groom led the procession down the hill, accompanied to the great sound of the bagpipes. This drew a small crowd of people off the beach by the harbour to have a look.

The scene at the White House Hotel was picture perfect, lovingly tended gardens set off against the deep blue sky.

The meal was held inside the cool hotel, where Neil found that having your brother as the best man meant that several quite embarrassing moments were recalled with glee by him!

A brief break at the Mermaid Tavern after and then the evening carried on centred on the marquee in the gardens.

The throwing of the bouquet was quite dramatic and I was able to capture an amusing sequence of images. Sorry no room to show them all here.

The dancing was great fun and eveyone had a really memorable time.

As sunset approached we were keen to take the opportunity to make use of the lovely light to create some beautiful pictures.

Unfortunately the day drew to a close, many guests were staying on Herm for the weekend, for the rest it was a walk to Rosaire and a trip back to Guernsey.