Sarah and TK

Well sorry for taking a while to blog this event, but I actually managed to fit in a short holiday myself!

Sarah and TK's wedding was a beautiful and intimate event, with lots of different aspects to cover. Great fun it was too, there was much laughter throughout and the day, especially the evening function was extremely vibrant.

As normal I try to fit in the bride's, and groom's, preparations.

Trying to follow the action discreetly without getting in the way is my goal, as is getting the best pictures I can of course!

These momentary glances are so precious, yet so fleeting.

The service took place at St. James, this beautiful location is spectacular inside and naturally I try to make full use of the architectural features. While outside children are their unpredictable selves, but this can yield photo opportunities if you are quick enough!

The remainder of the day was spent at Le Gouffre, with the reception taking place at L'Escalier. Just a few images to show this aspect, but of course Dean's cooking is legendary and the story of the paella and cake will have to be told another time.