Juzy & Chris

Everything's so busy, but I know you are keen to see some images asap after your wedding, plus I believe in keeping prospective clients up to date too, so a bit of general chat too before I get more specific. I am always excited to see what I have got, these days it's not quite as agonising as waiting for a film to develop, but even so still exciting. It's got to be a good sign when your photographer is so enthusiastic. Also one thing to bear in mind is the work rate that your photographer is capable of, physical fitness and enthusiasm play a big part in what can be a long arduous day. As one of Guernsey's top sportsmen from not that very long ago, I pride myself in being able to keep going and strive to get great images for you, I often stay until the party's over, not just to the first dance. I try to blog a few images straight after most events so here goes for last weekend's.....

Justine and Chris' wedding was truly fabulous, what a day. I can only blog a handful of images to give you a flavour of what the full coverage can offer, so enjoy these images in the meantime while I try and catch up with my workload.

The day started at the hairdresser for the bridal party, but the groom certainly did an interesting job himself after a few moments of frantic activity.

Then back to mum and dad's house for the final preparations of the bride, Justine was fabulous, and seemingly so relaxed!

Now this is going down in history as the BBQ Summer (a reference to the British Met Office's long range forecast for this summer to those who log onto this from abroad, but recently heavy rain and cool conditions have have led to much amusement on this score!) Well you cannot change the weather, and it was great to see Juzy with a beaming smile as she proceeded to the church in heavy rain and wind. I always tell my clients that whatever happens it is my job to record the day as it occurs and I hope the next shot illustrates this perfectly.

St. Matthew's church is one of my favourites, the craftsmanship in it's construction is quite admirable and I wanted to show the setting in this next picture.

A brief stop at the park on the way to the reception yielded one of my favourite pictures for a long time, at least the newly weds had some shelter, but then marginal weather often leads to more atmosphere. Thanks Dan for carrying my gear bag!

Fast forward to the reception and evening functions, the weather cleared up in time for sunset and the effort so obviously put into the garden and interior of the marquee were so appreciated by all. What a stunning location and amazing atmosphere, well done. I must add that the first dance was beautifully moving, call me a bit of a romantic, soppy or whatever, but one of those moments that I love about my job.

The band rocked and that's how the night was seen out. You hockey people sure know how to party!