Chantal and Mark

I really haven't had time to attend to the blog for a while, so sorry to those who have looked recently. But I just have to post an entry from my last wedding. This gives the newly wed couple a little teaser of what lies in store for them once back from honeymoon.

Chantal and Mark are a beautiful couple and full of humour. Here are some of my favourites to share for now. I like to start with any preparatory shots and with this event the dress hanging up made for a stunning picture, all lit with natural light from a nearby window. This natural lighting also made the illumination for the lovely image of Chantal wearing her veil, a nice high key image.

At this stage everyone is busy getting ready, I am watching the time as I must get to the church myself, but want to stay with the bride as long as possible in order to capture as much of the story of the day. Displaying great efficiency and team work the next image shows 2 bridesmaids, the bride and her mother all working to ensure that they won't be late.

I haven't got room to post too many images here, but will try to show the key moments of the day. So here's my choice from the church service. Timing was critical with this image as Chantal made her way to the room with the register. A fraction later and her head would not be isolated against the blank wall, it's little things like this that can make a good shot even better.

On the way to the reception it is often possible to stop off at a picturesque location for a few portraits. This is the only time the bride and groom are alone together with me just for a few pictures. My style is to shoot in a journalistic way and I do not set up any images apart from at this time and for family group pictures. Again looking for something different I also chose to try a panoramic image, which I feel works well and adds variety to the normal compositions.

Fast forward to the reception and one of the most memorable events was the song by one of the bride's sisters, who also played the guitar. Again here I tried to capture a bit more than the obvious, purposely choosing a slower shutter speed with a touch of flash the intention was to convey the movement of the hand on the strings, so much more effective than just a static image. Isn't photography wonderful? Challenging too!

Just to finish this post off one picture of the first dance. Hope you have enjoyed this preview and I am looking forward to designing this album. But many days of editing work to go first!