Marlo & Phil - St. Peter's Church & La Réunion

Another amazing wedding, September has been a busy month.

Marlo & Phil’s wedding brought people together from all over the world, with a strong Australian connection.

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It was a bit of a tight squeeze for Phil and his groomsmen all geting ready in their room.

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The wedding was at St. Peter’s Church, where Rev. Adrian Datta conducted a touching and humorous ceremony.

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After the ceremony we took a trip around the coast to La Réunion, taking advantage of some lovely clouds for some dramatic pictures.

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After several days of richly coloured sunsets Marlo & Phil were faced with a cloudy evening, though this cloud had given us those dramatic skies earlier in the day. However with perfect timing a slight gap in the cloud treated us to a sunning sunset, we had to move quick, but the beach was just across the road. Well worth the effort.

Marlo_Phil 021.jpg

There were lots of opportunities for people to mingle and talk before a set of very amusing speeches.

The dancing was great, with people filling the floor until late. A very special day indeed.