Esther & Gavin

What a lovely, low key wedding Esther & Gavin had.  The ceremony and reception were both held at the Old Government House hotel.  With both Esther & Gavin also getting ready at the hotel, we didn't have to go far all day, much more relaxing.

There wasn't a huge amount of space for all the groomsmen in one room, but they managed, even following the instructions to fold their hankerchiefs.

 Don't forget the rings!
 Meanwhile the bride and bridesmaids seemed to be a bit calmer in their preparations.
 It was great to see Lena back in Guernsey to do the make up and hair for Esther.

 Esther's dress was quite beautiful.

 Dad waited patiently outside before he was allowed in to see his daughter...

 Then it was just a walk down a couple of flights of stairs to the ceremony.
 Gary Vaudin was the humanist celebrant for the lovely ceremony.
 Just a little wipe to clear the lipstick!

 We walked up to Candie Gardens for a few family group pictures, then back to the reception where the guests were having a great time outside.

 The dining room was beautifully decorated.

 Speeches were before the meal.
 Esther's father, David, made one of the shortest speeches I have heard, but it was certainly one of the most moving.

 The fine weather encouraged people to sit outside and chat long into the evening.  There was a lovely, amiable atmosphere throughout the day as everyone had a good laugh together.