Megan & Tom

With seven bridesmaids, the house was full of activity as Megan got ready at her parents.

 Gasps of astonishment as Megan appeared in her dress...

 My wife, Karen, photographed Tom and his groomsmen as they prepared for the day.
 No nerves here, as Tom leads from the front as they go to the ceremony.

Having the ceremony in the garden made things very convenient, just a short walk from the back of the house.
 Jayne White was the celebrant for the ceremony.

 A very fleeting moment that I just managed to capture, a good example of when the automated functions on a modern camera won't get things right.
 People didn't have to go far to form the confetti aisle, then there was plenty of time to gather for drinks and chat with friends on the lawn.
Lots of emotional moments after the ceremony.

 Somehow the forecast rain and drizzle held off until we were just about ready to go to the reception at Castle Cornet, excellent timing!
 The drizzle here was surprisingly heavy, yet it still is possible for beautiful pictures.

 A grey view, but the marquee was lovely inside and the weather was fine for those who wanted to gather outside.

 More emotional moments when the speeches took place.

 Youthe played in the first dance before continuing for a couple of great sets.  They are well worth seeking out.

 The drizzle didn't stop us taking some amazing pictures outside later that night.

 Then back to the dancing.  Once the band had finished, the DJ equipment was pulled forward and things became even wilder!
 This thing has more buttons than my cameras!

 I'd heard Tom was a keen DJ, he couldn't resist the mixer.  The atmosphere was incredible.  Great music played skilfully by the DJs and everyone having a fantastic time, all in a good natured fashion.
 Megan & Tom appeared to be such a quiet couple earlier in the day!

Wow, what a night that was!