Sarah & Tim (and Jacob)

 Normally it is the bride and groom who are the centre of attention throughout the day.  But Sarah & Tim's son, Jacob, took a fair share of attention himself, together with his growing band of cousins.

 Sarah looked quite stunning in that gorgeous dress.

 We just had time for a few pictures in the garden before everyone had to make their way to St. Matthew's Church.
 My wife, Karen, had photographed Tim and his best man, Alex, getting ready.  Don't worry Tim, she also managed to get pictures of the cats too!

 We were treated to some great weather.

 Rev. Linda Le Vasseur conducted the ceremony.  We hadn't covered a wedding with her since she was at the Forest Church, so it was nice to see her again.
 Alex kept Tim occupied so he didn't get nervous before the beginning of the ceremony.
 Ella, the flower girl, was another star on the day.

 The below image is one of my favourites, a brief moment that that tells us so much.
"Now I don't think you better go in there Jacob".

 A brief stop for pictures on the way to the reception at The Farmhouse Hotel.
 The dining room was set up beautifully, with a very distinctive cake.

 There was plenty to do after the meal, the pool proved popular, plus there was a bouncy castle for the many children.

 Carl Ward was the DJ for the night, he kept the dance floor active.  Sarah's work colleagues livened things up as soon as they arrived too!
 A last dance with Jacob finished off a wonderful day.