Katrina & Andy - St. Sampson's Church and The Bella Luce

This was always going to be a wedding to look forward to, a couple full of character with lots of friends who know how to enjoy themselves.

 Katrina got ready at The Bella Luce, where the reception was to be held later.  Some lovely details and a beautiful dress.

 The bridesmaids were delighted when they saw Katrina fully ready.

 Meanwhile the groomsmen got all suited up and went for a quick pint and game of snooker.  Apparently Andy even went for a ride on his bike beforehand.  The hats looked great.

 Tricky lighting, but some excellent images by my wife and assistant Karen.  Look closely at the picture top left to see that Andy doesn't just do tricks on his bike, that snooker ball has just taken some air!
 St. Sampson's church is our oldest parish church and always has a unique charm.

 Katrina's brother escorted her up the aisle.  The picture below is one of my favourites, a fleeting moment and not easy to get the exposure for, but a beautiful story telling image.
 Rev. Tim Dack conducted a lovely ceremony, with plenty to smile about.

 Something must feel different on Andy's finger!

 Not just a pro looking snooker player, but also a pro looking chauffeur!
 It was nice to take advantage of some daffodils on the way to the reception.

 Speeches took place between courses, just to spread out the fun!

 What a cake, in particular what an amazing cake stand.  Andy had made up this triple layer stand, mounted on a mountain bike wheel, complete with gold tyre, cassette and brake disc!  It was beautifully solid and could be spun around, a great idea.

 Some strange hats appeared as part of St. Patrick's day...
 Leon definitely took the best dancer prize!
 Only a long weekend for this busy couple, it's a hectic time of the year for Andy's Pools.
A couple of evenings after the wedding I waited to board the overnight ferry to Portsmouth, to cycle up to Bath, for a couple of days work at the Royal Photographic Society where I sit on a distinctions panel.  I got chatting to another cyclist waiting, it turned out to be Effraim, who was a guest at the wedding. In fact Andy & Katrina met at one of Effraim's birthday parties, precisely 10 years ago to the day of the wedding.  A sweet story to finish this blog on.