Samantha & William

This wedding was held in the most perfect weather, in the most idyllic location.  It was a busy morning as I started off covering the groomsmen plus a fair few extra people having a swim, followed by seeing Sam at Envy the hairdressers.  Fortunately all events were a short distance apart in St. Martins.

  There was a great reaction when Sam walked down the stairs to be seen in her dress for the first time.
 It wasn't far to go to St. Martins church where Will looked pretty cool and collected.

 Reverend Trickey conducted the service.  We were treated to the beautiful singing of the choir Johnny's Angels.

 After the ceremony, another short journey took us to the cliff top location for the reception.  The views were just breathtaking.
 It was a bit of a garden party atmosphere at times.

 Inside the marquee things looked spectacular.  Will's mum had made hundreds of meters of bunting!

 Dad's jokes were pretty good.

 Stuart, the best man, kept us all entertained.  It is surprising what can be learnt about people at a wedding!

 The Barley Dogs soon got into the their usual swing, keeping the dance floor heaving for their sets before the DJ took over.  In fact the rest of the day was a bit wild!

 Even such a great day had to come to an end eventually.  Enjoy your distant honeymoon Sam and WIll.