Perseids Meteor Shower

I rarely post anything but wedding related work on this site, but you may be interested in this little video.  With some clear skies last night I was keen to see the Perseids.  You can see a few meteors in this short time lapse:-
Low quality to keep the file size down.  Short too, but with our weather you have to grab every opportunity you can to see events like this.  Not long after half past midnight the cloud moved in and it was time to go in.

Let's see if tonight brings clear enough skies.

OK here's a longer version from about 10 pm on the 12th to 4:30 am on the 13th.  Complete with the passage of the International Space Station about 16 seconds in.  On the full resolution version it is quite amazing how many shooting stars there were.  Six and a half hours condensed to 2 minutes:-