Jeremy & Jen - a touching proposal story

We covered a great story last Sunday.  Jeremy had spent many weeks planning his big proposal.
Remarkably neither couple are local and while Jeremy has friends here this was Jen's first visit to Guernsey.  While on a cruise the ship was due to stop over for a day in Guernsey and Jeremy had made elaborate plans.

He had appealed for local volunteers and it was wonderful to see a good group of people give up some of their own time to be involved.

The plan started with a picnic hidden on the cliff top above Petit Port bay.
As soon as the tide was low enough the team got to work.  Neap tides meant that there wasn't much time to get the message done, just enough beach was available as the tide dropped.
 A bit of cliff top direction ensured the main message was put in the right place.
 On the beach itself it was a busy time as seaweed was cleared.  Measurements and guides were made before the sand was raked to make the message itself.

The friendly side of our island was much in evidence, where else would you get such a team volunteering for a couple no-one had met?
 With the message completed the wait was on for Jeremy and Jen to arrive on the cliff top overlooking the beach.
 The big question approached!
 Absolutely to within a minute of the expected time Jeremy led a blindfolded Jen into view on the cliff path, before she removed the blindfold to see the message.  She was taken totally by surprise.

 Of course she said yes!  The now engaged couple spent a while together and then the boat for the second part of the plan came into view.

 After descending the steps to Petit Port Jen soon wrote her reply in the sand and then they were taken off to nearby Saints Harbour for a barbecue prepared by Sueco.

 What an idyllic place to spent the rest of the afternoon and what a pleasure it was to be involved in such a touching story.