Chloe & Kyle

While each wedding has its unique aspects, every now and then one is totally different.  Such was the case with Chloe and Kyle's wedding.  A huge amount of work was involved to make things like 1,000 origami cranes and many pom poms.  These were all hung in St. James where both the ceremony and reception were held.

I got the sense of style for this wedding as soon as I saw Chloe's shoes.

 Kyle got ready at home with his groomsmen and cats.

 He had received a rather special gift from his bride to be, a personal letter from Arsene Wenger!

 Even Chloe's transport was unusual, a beautifully restored Ford Anglia.

 Chloe was escorted up the aisle by her sister and maid of honour.

 After the ceremony, we took some family pictures while guests enjoyed the sun and ice-creams.

 Personalised shoes included the wedding date and again made a splash of colour.

St. James looked quite spectacular.  A few changes had been made since the ceremony.  Not surprisingly speeches were unconventional, Chloe's sister started off and included a song.  Chloe herself gave a speech too.

Matt, the best man, presented Kyle with a couple of pots of noodles, together with an amusing story.

 What a beautiful backdrop for the first dance.
Music plays a huge part in Chloe & Kyle's life, after the first dance we were treated to a couple of sets from the up and coming band Dealers Left.  They were fantastic and full of energy.  Thoroughly recommended.

This wedding was about a couple with a very personal style who certainly know how to enjoy themselves.