Sophie & Will

An early ceremony and nine bridesmaids meant a prompt start at the hairdressers, La Belge.  But there were no worries as everyone was dealt with efficiently and we were soon at La Grande Mare where Sophie was getting ready.

 Of course during this busy time the groomsmen had other priorities!

 The ceremony was at Vale Church, with Rev. Northover who always ensures all have a good laugh.

 There wasn't much room for Will with such a spectacular dress!
 After some group pictures and confetti, the procession down the hill looked impressive.
 The 1961 S1 Bentley that Sophie and Will used for the day is probably the most beautiful car I have seen, quite appropriate for this occasion.
 Speeches were throughout the meal with some emotional and amusing moments.

 Just before the dancing began, we found time to sneak out for some pictures, just catching the full moon as it appeared briefly between the clouds.  Well worth the effort.

 Some danced sedately, some with great vigour, there was even some choreography evident.
 To finish off, Will took the microphone and sang, a man of many talents.