Sarah & Mark

After a quick visit to the hairdresser to capture the start of the day for the bride's side of the preparations, it was down to the beach as someone thought it would be a good idea for a swim.  A surprising number of the men invited to the wedding turned out, I was assured the water was lovely!

 Not sure if this was a bit of practice for the dancing later in the day...

Sarah and her bridesmaids had a nice quiet time having their make up done at home.

The ceremony was at St. Paul's Church.

Probably inspired by the Olympics, Harry took a mere 2 seconds to sprint down the aisle!

During the ceremony we were treated to a duet from the fathers of the groom and bride, one on the piano, one singing.  This was very well received.

After the church service we visited the common and then the Bella Luce Hotel for the reception.

Speeches were great, the best man had dragged up a few amusing images of Mark in his earlier years.

Finally we moved inside the hotel for the dancing to complete a wonderful day.