Sinead & Jonathan

After the extraordinary wet weather recently and a particularly rainy wedding the weekend before, it was quite a change to have such nice weather for Sinead and Jonathan's special day.

After the hairdressers we photographed Sinead getting ready at the Farmhouse where the reception was due to be held later.

Naturally Sinead looked stunning.

Dad thought so too...

It was quite a busy morning for everyone. The groomsmen were having a good time as they got ready before making their way to the Castel Church.

Not quite sure what was in the hip flask, but it must have been pretty powerful!

Space was tight outside the church with the cars by the door.  But this gave me the chance for an interesting shot of the bride before they left for the reception.  With a little stop for some pictures on the way to the Farmhouse.

After a few family pictures we were treated to some humourous speeches.

The dining room was beautifully decorated, with lots of lovely details, especially the wish tree.

There was plenty of time after the meal for everyone to enjoy the evening sun out in the garden or terrace.

Soon it was time for the first dance, an emotional moment before things became a lot more lively for the rest of the night.

The bridesmaids took a quick dip and the groomsmen were a bit less adventurous as they enjoyed their cigars.

Back to more dancing to the music of City Limits, a great finish to a wonderful day.