Michelle & Andrew

This was a wedding close to home, both to the couple and for us.  Michelle & Andrew live a little walk away from St. Saviours Church, as we do too.  With the reception at the Farmhouse Hotel, we didn't have to travel far all day.

The rough June weather dried up, leaving us with blue skies and, at least to start with, moderate to fresh winds.

Michelle got ready with her bridesmaids, doing their own make-up.

The best lacing up I have probably seen, but then Katie did sell the dress and so should know!

Andrew got ready at the Farmhouse, enjoying a glass of champagne.

It was a nice coincidence that the wedding took place during the Church Flower Festival.  There were lots of stunning displays throughout the church.

Grooms don't come more relaxed than this, Andrew's twin brothers helped to keep him laughing.  The Bel Canto Choir treated us to their beautiful singing during the service, setting a lovely mood.

When we left the church, the wind suddenly whipped up to what felt like gale force.  It was hang on to your hats time and forget about keeping the hair in place.

We did some group shots in Michelle & Andrew's garden, where it was marginally more sheltered.  Then a short drive to the Farmhouse.

More amazing flowers and decorations were at the reception.

Speeches were rather expressive, Andrew's brothers certainly went to a lot of effort to bring up some funny stories.

Then as night fell the dancing began, followed by the cake cutting.  However the cake did have a wobbly moment!

The wind did abate a bit in the evening, but then it rained a touch instead.

The day finished off with everyone having a good laugh and much dance floor fun.  A fantastic day for all, especially for those who had travelled from so far away to take part in this wedding.