Mandy & Peter

What a fun wedding Mandy and Peter had.  They planned something a bit different and it all ended up as a perfect day.  They got the legalities completed at the Greffe in the afternoon, this was then followed by a drink of champagne at the OGH. 

You won't see any happier couple walking down the steps.
The next day we all started at the beach first thing in the morning for more champagne.

Then the preparations started for the remainder of the day.
The Humanist blessing took place at the Clarence Battery, what a spectacular and beautiful location!  The wind from the previous day's rehearsal had died away, the sighs of the sea accompanied the ceremony.
One can get a good idea of the location from this fisheye shot, I had to be careful and remember where I was.  This was the circle when the rings were passed around.
A pretty dramatic kiss ensued!
It was then onto Mum's place for the reception.  A tight squeeze around the garden but a lovely atmosphere.  I love the next photograph, I always get excited with the possibilities given some beautiful light.

  I think you'll all agree it was worth the effort of rounding up this crowd for a group photograph.
The speeches took place outdoors after dark.  It was a challenging day for us with harsh, contrasty conditions early in the day, then this.  But the conditions also gave some different opportunities.
Mum - you gave one of the most heart felt speeches I have ever heard.
Once again the first dance was exceptional, full of emotion.  This was how the tango was meant to be done.
The onlookers were delighted.
A few things may have been a bit of a last minute rush, but Mandy and Peter you truly had a special day.